Victory over Household Wickedness


Ministering: Pastor Temitope Balogun

Texts: Matthew 10: 36, 1st John 5:19

Theme: Victory over Household Wickedness


The birthright of God’s children is victory, but unfortunately, the devil has been contending with it.

Household enemies are:

1.  People who, are close to you but not happy about your progress in life.

2.  People whom you tell your secrets to and use the information against you.

3.  People whom have seen your glory and cannot stand where God is taking you to

4.  People with evil spirit and spirit of jealousy.

5.  People who don’t want you to have what they don’t have.

You can overcome household enemies by being a wise Christian, having a discerning spirit and being prayerful.


Let’s pray:

1.  Bless the name of the Lord for His greatness and wondrous works over our lives.

2.  Father, I split the blood of Jesus over my children, over my husband and over my deliverance.

3.  Father, in the name of Jesus, every power rooted in my background working against me; catch fire in the name of Jesus.

4.  Father, any power that wants to turn my joy over my children to sorrow, in the name of Jesus, catch fire.

5.  Father, all relations spying my success, I command them to catch fire in the name of Jesus.

6.  Father, any power of wickedness that cannot stand neither my glory nor my children’s glory, roast by fire.

7.   My father, my father, every man or woman contending with my glory and that of my children, break their backbone in the name of Jesus.

8.  Holy ghost fire, fill me and give me the ability to discern in the name of Jesus.

9.  Devil, you have no place in my home, in the life of my children and in the life of my husband.


                  …… have a fulfilling weekend.

The Ever sure God …part 4

Divine Encounter….Day 4


Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Theme: Ever Sure God

Text: 2nd Corinthians 1: 20


Let’s pray:

  1. Worship the reliable God, the merciful God and the God of impeccable integrity.
  2. My father, my father, an ever sure God, show up in all my affairs, battles and endeavor
  3. My father, my father, the ever sure God, delivers the head of my enemies and make it into a play toy in my hands.
  4. My father, my father, the ever sure God, bring every promise you have made to me to pass in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every power postponing the fulfillment of my destiny, Holy Ghost fire, consume them now in the name of Jesus.
  6. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise, show up in my affairs and family.
  7. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise in your power, every promise of favour, prosperity, greatness, glory you have promised me, by your power bring it to pass.
  8. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise in my business, show up in my career, academics and family.
  9. Father, the ever sure God, let your purpose for my life come to pass, let me have a brighter tomorrow, let our children have a brighter tomorrow in the name of Jesus.

The Almighty God is an ever sure God, He’s ever faithful, ever merciful and ever dependable; He cannot afil nyt trusted.

Matthew 14:21, Isaiah 43: 2, Daniel 3: 22 – 30


Five (5) main things about God’s surety

  1. God’s power is ever sure. Genesis 17:1

His power is ever sure because it can destroy sicknesses and diseases. Matthew 8: 14 – 16.

  • The power of God will bring healings to your body, soul and spirit
  • I decree today, the power of God will work for you

The power of God can make your enemies to bow before you.

2nd Chronicles 32: 21

  • Every oppressors head will become a play toy in your hands.
  1. God’s promises are ever sure. 2nd Corinthians 1:20

Yea means sure

Amen means forever certain

When God gives you a promise, it must surely come to pass. Genesis 12,Genesis 18: 18

  • That promise of greatness, promise of being a champion will come to pass.
  • You will not die young nor go with the year 2020, in Jesus name.
  • God has promised that your tomorrow will be alright
  1. His words are ever sure. Psalms 119:89, 1st Thessalonians 5: 24, Psalm 33: 8 -9, Isaiah 55: 11
  • God has spoken that you are ruling your word
  • God has spoken that your tomorrow will be alright.
  • Every word that God has spoken concerning you will come to pass, in the name of Jesus.
  1. God’s blessings are ever sure. No man can thwart your blessings when God decides to bless you.
  • You are blessed of the Lord
  • You are going to flourish in this land of Edo state.
  1. God’s purpose and plan for your life is ever sure. He has promised you a greater tomorrow which cannot be thwarted by anyone.

Isaiah 14: 27


Your faith in God is ever sure, He will never let you down when you trust in Him. Surrender your life to Christ if you are yet to do so and you will never be disappointed by the ever sure God.



The Ever sure God(part 3)

Destiny Encounter…. Day 3


Ministering: Pastor Oukowajo

Theme: The Ever Sure God

Text: Numbers 23: 19


  1. Worship the Ever sure God for His greatness and wonders in your life.
  2. Oh Lord, my father this morning, prove yourself as the ever sure God in my life, in my family and in my destiny.

Ever sure is being referred to God and His attributes. Sure sometimes may not be certain nor sustained, ever sure means it’s always certain.

God is an ever sure being because He dwells in the realm of truth.

The Implications of God’s surety

  1. The strength and the might of God are ever sure. 2nd Chronicles 20:6
  • Every kingdom that says you will not be above your colleagues shall crumble in the name of Jesus.
  1. The ability and capability of God are ever sure. Matthew 3: 9
  • I decree, before the end of this year, your status will change, there will be a miraculous payment of debt for those in debt and your expectations from the beginning of this year will be accomplished in the name of Jesus.
  1. The possibilities and potentialities of God are ever sure. Luke 1:39, 2nd Kings 4.
  • I decree, in 24 hours, your level will change, the possibilities of God will manifest in your life.
  1. The influence(heaviness, weightiness) of God are ever sure.2nd Chronicles 20:22

When God is a matter, a man enjoys favour, God pushes man aside and take charge. When you are in God’s favour, the available that you have will be used to achieve the impossible. When you are favoured of God, errors of a man is minimized and the efforts of man are maximized.

  • The oil of favour is coming upon me; the Lord whom influenced the battle of Jehoshaphat will influence my case in the name of Jesus.
  1. The existence God is ever sure. 2nd Kings 18.

God cannot die nor be silenced; He cannot fail over any matter.

  • The ground will swallow anyone that says you will not share your testimony nor rise above your equals in the name of Jesus.




Ever Sure…part 1

Divine Encounter…..Day 1

 Ministering: Pastor Gbenga  Babalola

Theme: Ever Sure

Text: John 1: 1-4


  1. Worship the King of Kings, He is the beginning to the end, adore Him, exalt Him for there is no one that can be compared unto Him.
  2. Father, we appreciate you for the preservation of life
  3. Father, do something new and wonderful in these four days of Destiny Encounter
  4. Father, stretch forth your powerful hands into my life and do something powerful in my life because you are the ever sure God.
  5. Father, by your word, every dead thing in my life, come back to life in the name of Jesus.
  6. Father, every dead thing that is dead in my family, business, marriage and career, by the word of God, let them come back to life in the name of Jesus
  7. Father, I receive my deliverance from every form of bondage in the name of Jesus.
  8. Father, by the word of God, I receive my healing in the name of Jesus.


The Ever Sure God is a God that has all it takes to meet up with your expectations. The word of God is Ever sure, the words of man will fail you, but the word od God will accomplish the reason or purpose for which it’s being sent out.

The word of God is ever sure, it can never come back empty or void.

The word of God will create that miracle in your life, in the name of Jesus.

Luke 1: 45, Jeremiah 32: 27

Romans 4: 19 – 21.. the word of God can bring the death back to life.

  • Every dead thing in your life will spring back to life In the name of Jesus.
  1. Exodus 3:…the word of God delivers
  • Every Pharaoh in your life will be drowned in the name of Jesus.
  1. The word of God heals. Psalm, 107: 20, Matthew 8:8

Ever Sure

Divine Encounter…..Day 2

Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Theme: Ever Sure

Text: Malachi 3: 6

An Ever Sure God is a God that is unfailing, reliable, can be leaned on; a God that you can depend on, a God that cannot change.

An Ever Sure God will give you assurance of His surety.

God honours His word more than His name because His word has integrity.

God told the children of Israel that He changed not; He’s the ever faithful God.

You and I are the Israel of today, God has adopted and en-grafted us ‘Gentiles’ through his son, Jesus Christ and implanted us into the heritage of Israel , meaning we are the sons of Jacob.

The Ever Sure God also made us to know that He’s a consuming fire.

Prophetic Declarations:

  • The Ever Sure God will carry you through this year on eagle’s wings.
  • All God’s promises in your life will come to pass in the name of Jesus.
  • The word of God, promises or covenant concerning your life is ever sure in the name of Jesus.
  • God will give the faith of Daniel, Meshach and Abednego in whatever situation you are going though.
  • God will show up in every situation of your life.

Hebrews 13: 8 means that Jesus is ever sure, He can be leaned on.

Sure means certain, to be true beyond any doubt, while ever means at any time or very constant. From the Dictionary meaning of ever and sure, we can boldly say that our God is always certain at any time.

The book of revelation gave me the assurance to trust in Him and never to doubt Him.

1st Corinthians 1: 20….His promises are yea and Amen.

Yea means total yes; Amen means it is settled

5 Different Situations you can rest assured in God.

  1. He is ever sure to deliver you from the burning fiery furnace of life. Daniel 3: 15 -18
  2. He is ever sure to deliver you from death. Psalms 23: 4
  3. He is ever sure to deliver you from any form of lawful or unlawful captivity. Isaiah 49: 24 – 25, John 9: 1 – 4
  4. He is ever sure and faithful to keep covenant and mercy. Mark 10: 46 – 50, Psalm 89: 3 – 4
  5. He is ever sure to forgive and restore the repentant backslider. Hosea 4: 17, Jeremiah 31: 18.


1. Father, prove yourself in my life, have mercy oh Lord.

2. Father, you are my sure banker, carry me on your ever sure surety.

3. Father, my case, my family’s and that of the church is urgent, respond speedily         to it in the name of Jesus.

We Need Grace

2nd Service: November 7th, 2020

Ministering: Deacon Peter Egbezomo

Topic: We Need Grace

Texts: 2nd Peter 3: 18, Philippians 4: 13

Introduction: Grace is the strength of God to do things supernaturally.

Grace is not the same as mercy; grace is a spiritual strength while mercy is uncommon favour.


We need grace to:

  • Do certain things we cannot do naturally
  • Love in this world that we are 1John 4:7-18 to love needs grace, Jesus said love your enemy.
  • Grow in the word of God Rom 10:17, the more word we digest the more of God we have.
  • Preach God’s word(evangelize)
  • To grow in the power of God. Acts 3: 6 – 10, Acts 9: 36 – 46
  • Prophecy to our lives, businesses and all that concerns us
  • Grow in prayers. Acts 4: 29 – 31


  1. Father, release unto me the grace to pray and have results in the name of Jesus
  2. Father, give me the grace to know you, restore me back to you
  3. Father, give me the strength to recover all that I have lost in Jesus name.



No Jesus, no Grace

Another name for Jesus is Grace.


Join us in this month physical DIVINE ENCOUNTER at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, 1, Redemption Way, Benin Sapele road, Benin City.

Date: 9th to 12th November, 2020

Time: 6:30 to 7:30 a.m


Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

You can also participate through our social media platforms, such as;





Do not Miss out !!!!!

Come out of the Valley

SUNDAY SERVICE…8th November, 2020

Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Text: 1st Samuel 22: 1-5

Topic: Come out of the Valley


  1. Father, bring Nigeria out of the valley of despondency
  2. I walk out of every valley the enemy has put me in the name of Jesus.
  3. Father, I am tired of the miry clay , put me my feet on the solid rock to enable me declare your righteousness.
  4. Father, every situation the enemy has put me into, rendering me incapable; Lord bring me out of that situation in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, I see the winner in me, let the winning spirit in me come out. I am a victor
  6. Father, bring me out of the valley of depression
  7. Father, take me out of every valley of shadow of death and give me life.
  8. Father, take me out of the valley of poverty in the name of Jesus
  9. Father, take me out of the valley of sin.

Miry clay is a swampy or boggy soil.

A valley is an elongated depression between hills or mountains, often with a river flowing through it.


 Types of valley

  1. Valley of depression or distress: 1st Samuel 30: 1 – 6 David ran to God in his times of depression, he didn’t sink into the state of depression.
  2. Valley of despair or despondency: Despair is a state of total loss of hope. Job 14:7
  3. Valley of shadow of death: shadows are dark images projected onto a surface where light is blocked by the shade of an object. Shadows are not real
  4. Valley of poverty: 2nd Corinthians 8: 9
  5. Valley of sin: Judges 16: 4, the anointing of God cannot work in your life, when one is immersed in sin.

 How to come out of the valley of sin

Habakkuk 3:19

  • Father, give me strength and the feet of a hind to take me to the place you have destined fro me.

Prophetic declarations

  1. I see you coming out of a valley
  2. God will do something for someone today
  3. I decree, come out of that state of despair in the name of Jesus