Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Topic: The Sure Protection

Text: Psalms 121: 5 – 8

 Prayer points:

  1. Bless the name of the Lord; appreciate Him for the month of September.
  2. My father, arise, deliver me from the hands of the wicked, preserve me from evil in this ember months, in the name of Jesus.
  3. My father, my father, by your power, consume all those whom are planning to exterminate me, my children and the members of my family in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, let your hand of protection be upon me wherever I go in the land of the living in the name of Jesus.


The world today is in a state of fear and tumor; people are running helter-skelter due to insecurity, physical attacks, spiritual attacks and emotional attacks. Of recent times, Nigeria has been described as the most terrorized country in Africa because of criminal activities, etc. The sure protection is in the Lord Jesus Christ; His protection shall be sure as you turn to Him.


Different levels people turn to for protection are:


  1. People turn to receive protection from man; some surround themselves with people and armed men, feeling they are adequately secured. 2nd Chronicles 32: 21.

Protection from man is protection from the arm of flesh.

2nd Chronicles 32: 8.

Protection from man can fail, disappoint and is not reliable.

Psalms 60: 11.

Protection from man is not a sure protection.


  1. People turn to the devil for protection, thereby relying on the power of charms, enchantment and incantations. This kind of protection is not a sure protection.

Exodus 7: 11 -12, the power of charms can fail; note that, there is an antidote to every charm. It’s only the power of God that can’t fail.

Exodus 8: 18


  1. People turn to animals for protection, e.g trained dogs in the form of security. The powers of these animals can fail you by turning to attack the owners, the animals can be killed or die naturally.


The sure protection is from the Lord Jesus, the Almighty God will protect you when you run to Him.

Psalms 61: 3, Proverbs 20: 1, Psalms 61:3, Proverbs 20: 1.

The Almighty God can preserve you from evil, Psalms 121: 7.


God can protect you by:

  • Calling His name; Proverbs 18: 12
  • The word; Exodus 10: 12 -14
  • By fire; Zechariah 2:5


The sure protection is the Lord Jesus Christ, accept Him and He will protect you in this ember months and you will enter the New Year with joy.

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