It’s Not Too Late

Sunday Service..11th October, 2020 (1st service)

Ministering: Pastor Gbenga Babalola

Theme: It’s Not Too Late

Text: Job 17: 11 -17


One of the greatest things the enemy can do in the life of any man is to make him or her think it’s too late.

It’s too late is just a mentality, it’s not so if God hasn’t said so.

Why do people think it’s too late?

  1. Age
  2. Weakness
  3. No time
  4. No money

How do I know that it’s not too late?

  1. With God all things are possible
  2. There’s hope for a tree
  • Faith is applicable to the now, while hope is applicable to someday

It’s not too late to:

  1. Give one’s life to Jesus Christ, Colossians 2: 6- 7
  2. Return and settle with God, Matthew 24: 12
  3. Call upon the name of the Lord, Jeremiah 33: 6, 1st Chronicles 4: 10
  4. Take an action
  5. Claim what belongs to you
  6. Start all over again.

Pray this:  Father, send your fire to my life, to your church, to my spirit, my soul in the name of Jesus.

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