YAYA SERVICE  (29Th August, 2021)
Ministering: Pastor Leslie Dabor
Theme: From Shame to Glory (2)

Glory is Not Cheap but when it comes on you only Kings and Princes can afford you. The demand will be so high.  Glory is priceless you must pay the prices to get the prize. Hebrews 12:2. To cross from shame to Glory you need the cross. There are sacrifices to pay to get it. When Glory comes only Kings and princes can afford you. Luke 7:4
When Jesus came in Glory a lot of people wanted to access him.
When Glory comes your company will change. What moved  Jesus from a capenters son to a man of mighty works.  Matthew 13:53 -56. Those who don’t want to glory will always have excuse. Grace gives man power for labour. Glory comes by service.

What are the things Jesus did that moved him from Shame to Glory
1. Whatever you Choose to do you must back it up with a life of continuous and consistent prayer. When there is competition there are rough techniques.  Mark 1:35. Prayer is a spiritual fight for your spiritual right Ephesians 6:12. You don’t have the fight Mentality you  would have the flight Mentality. Prayer equips you

There are 3 powers that can pin one in shame
1. Power of lust
2. Power of pride.
3. Power of greed
They are all powers of indiscipline. One can never rise with them. To fight these powers you must pray. 2 Timothy 4:7.

Psalms 42:1-3 the Psalmist was obviously in shame. But God will answer them with them with a testimony. Luke 15(the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man).
Prayer: Father give me a testimony that will bring unbelievers to unto You.
Know your God and you will be confident and do exploits.
There is a God in heaven who will silence your mockers.
In Exodus 15 it tells us that God is a man of war. When you call God for a fight, someone must die.

Weapons of Sacrifice

1. Altars of Sacrifice
2. Another potent weapon of the enemy is blood sacrifice.
The purer and closer the blood, the more the Power. Jesus is sinless

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