Bear Your Yoke Now

25th October,2020
Speaker: Bro Fredrick Ogbebor
Topic: Bear Your Yoke Now
Text: Lamentations 3:27

Yoke is that which binds two oxen together .
Yoke is that which restrains one in attempt to hold you back.
*Bible References of yoke*
1. Yoke is an obligation or task on one to execute an assignment.
2. It’s a burden of necessity. 1 Corinthians 9:16(Paul) Psalms 69:9.
3. Yoke can be a form of oppression.  1Kings 12:9-11, 2 Chronicles 10:4
4.  Yoke refers also to taking up responsibilities. Setting goals, meeting targets. As a youth there is always a time for labour, travail. There is a right standard of making wealth. Build a life you would be proud.

*Ways we as Youth can bear our Yoke*

1. *Education* . The place of study can not be over emphasised.  (2 Timothy 2:15)
2. *Preparing Adequately. Spend time preparing yourself.* (Habakkuk 2: 3) Jesus took 30years to Prepare for his 3.5 years of ministry here on earth.  Spend the larger part of your life to prepare for the life ahead.  Spend time to sharpen your skills and talent.
3. *Endure stern Discipline & Self Control* . 1Corinthians 9:25-27. Proverbs 25:28. Things to watch out for: Association , spending behaviour, eating habits, money management, emotions, time management etc.
4. *Perseverance in the place of prayer* . Luke 18: 1-8
Matthew 11: 28 -30
5. *The Yoke of Christ* . Let’s embrace the Yoke of Christ which is lighter.Matthew 11:28-30  Hebrews 12:1.

*The height that great men reached and kept were not sudden, but while their companions slept, they toiled all nights.*

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