INTRODUVTION: Being relevant begin from the day we are born and it outlive us. We must not just be relevant when we are alive but our relevancy should outlive us.

No matter your age, you can still be relevant and your relevant should outlive you.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant means to be closely connected to what is happening around you. As a believer, you  are not to be connected alone,  you must know God.

Meaning of generation: 

Generation means all the people existing the same time.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant is to be closely connected to what is been done at a particular period of time.

Why do we need to be relevant?

  • We need to be in order to glorify the name of the Lord Mathew 5:16.
  • It makes men sought after us; when you are relevant it makes men to seek for you Daniel 10:25.
  • It makes you stand out; being outstanding is a general thing but to stand out is different. It means to be singled out among the outstanding.
  • You become a blessing and a covering to others; Isaac enquired of the Lord in the land of Gerar and the Lord asked him to stay in the land, Isaac obeyed and he was relevant in the land.
  • How do I become relevant?
  • Know God: Daniel 11:32b, some of us compromise and choose to be ordinary because we do not know the God we serve. Knowing God is big, you first know God by giving your life to Christ. There is a big different between going to church, working for God and knowing God.
  • Study the scripture: 2Timothew 2:15. Daniel understood by the books. It is beyond waiting for somebody to read it, you need to know God for yourself and God must know you. There must be a relationship between you and God.
  • Being broken: Psalm 51:17, Psalm 34:18, acknowledging that you are nothing without God.
  • Avoid distractions: Mathew 24:12, not that people want to be cold but because there are many distraction. Do not be distracted.
  • Diligence: how much of God you know determines your relevance in a generation. Is not a matter of age, as parents can God say about you as God said of Abraham that you will teach your children after you in the way of the Lord?

It is not when you start, it is what you do; it is not number of years, it’s the quality life you live.

Conclusion:  what it takes to be relevant is the God factor inside of you. Being relevant is beyond your family background.

Prayer: Father fill me afresh, touch me once again in Jesus name Amen.

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