Beware of Contemporary Foxes


MINISTERING: Pastor Dele Balogun

TOPIC: Beware of Contemporary Foxes

TEXT: Songs of Solomon 2:15


As Christians, we must beware of contemporary foxes that can hinder our progress and destroy our vines.

What is a fox?

A fox is a carnivorous mammal of the dog family; metaphorically, a fox is an animal that depicts cunningness.

Some little foxes litigating against the children of God are:

  1. CONSERVATISM: This simply means being opposed to change, innovation and holding on to traditional values.

Acts 10: 10 – 15, Galatians 2: 1

Embrace the philosophy of change to eradicate conservatism by:

  1. Changing your thinking system
  2. Changing your life style
  3. Changing your dream


  1. PESSISIMISM: This is having a negative outlook or attitude to life.

John 1: 26 (some persons are like this in this pandemic era).

Being pessimistic hinders you from seeing anything good within or outside your environment or spheres of contact.

  1. LAZINESS: This simply means to be idle, inability to work hard.

Being lazy gives room to poverty.

  1. PROCRASTINATION: This means to put off what is needed to be done now to a later day.

Songs of Solomon 5: 2 – 6

  1. SEXUAL IMMORALITY: This sin is now being packaged with new terminologies by the devil that no more heed is now being paid to it.

The scripture advises in 1st Corinthians 6: 18 to flee from this contemporary fox


Beware of all the contemporary foxes to enable you have a meaningful life.


  1. Not ready to make changes means one is not ready to be successful in life.
  2. A lazy man cannot make it in life.
  3. God wants you to be optimistic, to have a positive outlook to life


Positive confessions:

  • I am wonderfully made
  • I am beautiful
  • I am optimistic
  • The investment of God in my life is not a waste
  • I will not sink in this pandemic era
  • I will not give up nor write myself off
  • I reject laziness


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