When the Siege is Over




  • My father, my Father, arise in your power, strength and resources and put an end to every form siege in my life
  • Every host of the enemy, every satanic soldier putting me under a siege, scatter by fire in Jesus name 
  • Every stronger force, putting me under a siege, afflicting and tormenting  my soul, roast now 
  • Every wall of limitation built against my progress, be dismantled now 
  • My father, my father, whatsoever that is not sufficient for me now, after today’s prayers let it be more than enough 
  • In the name of Jesus, I reject slavery and servitude. I will never be a slave in the journey of life 
  • My father put my captors in disarray. Dislodge my captors 
  • Before this day is over, the arrangement for you to swim in abundance is completed 
  • It is written that affliction will not arise the second time. Every seed of failure, get out of my life
  • My father my father, by your power today, transfer wealth into my hands. Let my hands carry wealth. 


Text: psalms 126: 1-2 

A siege is a military operation


  1. You begin to sing a new song and give new testimonies 
  2. Scarcity becomes plenty. Lack will be forgotten 
  3. There will be no more hunger
  4. You will no longer be a slave to your colleague 
  5. Your captor will be in disarray
  6. Wealth will be transferred into your hands  


May Destiny Encounter

Ssomebody shout Hallelujah!!

Destiny Encounter is here again. 

It’s happening live at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Trinity Sanctuary Parish, the Region13 Head Quarters  located at 1, Redemption Way off Benin Sapele Road, Benin City ,Edo State.

The theme of this programme is ‘WAR AGAINST IMPLICATION ‘

The time of the programme is 4pm to 6pm

Ministering is Pastor Dele Balogun 

You can also watch online by clicking on connect.rccgregion13.org or thru our Facebook account: facebook@rccgregion13hq. Be a part of this programme as every chain of marital delay and fruitfulness shall be broken.




He was my (our) Pst in Sept. 2009 in The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG NEXT LEVEL PARISH)… A man who left his comfort zone in Birmingham City, UK, came to Nigeria in the City of Kaduna (North West) to Pastor a very small Congregation (The Youth Church) which I was privileged to learn under his tutelage… Read More

Operation Roast


Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Text:  2nd Kings 1: 9 – 12

Topic: Operation Roast 

There are five major forces you must roast 

  1. Every spiritual king of your family that wants to come down from the top 
  2. Every evil soldier that has been commissioned to bring you down 
  3. All your destiny lockers
  4. Demonic diseases and sicknesses from the pit of hell. Luke13: 13 – 14
  5. Every demonic sacrifice that has been carried to manipulate your destiny.

Prayer points: 

  1. In the name of Jesus, everyman that wants to bring me down quicklybfrom where I am die by fire.
  2. 1st Samuel 18:9, All those Who are jealously eyeing me, All unfriendly friends trying to to pull my children down in the name of Jesus, roast by fire
  3. Every demonic king, every spiritual king, every power that be in my father’s house, in my husband’s house, in my organisation that wants me to crash die by fire 
  4. Every evil covenant promulgated by the enemy to bring me down, in the name of Jesus scatter by fire
  5. Every evil legislation against my progress, life, future  and children, nullify in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every demonic soldier, every agent of darkness commissioned to take me down, die by fire.
  7. Every mocker, mocking my destiny, every scorner laughing me to scorn, roast by fire
  8. Every demonic sickness, released from the pit of hell to afflict my spirit, body and soul, roast by fire in the name of Jesus
  9. Every demonic sacrifice prepared on any evil altar against my life, ministry, catch fire in the name of Jesus.
  10. All my wasted efforts, shame, pains, unemployment, problems, enemies roast by fire. 


Riding Over Storm part 2

Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun 

Topic: Riding Over Storm part 2

Prayer Points:

1.Every wind of trouble tossing me here and there, I decree in the name of Jesus, calm down

  1. Every storm that is about to destroy all I have laboured for in life, in the name of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire consume the storm.
  2. Every storm commissioned against my life to waste all my effort to destroy all I have laboured in life,  in the name of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire consume them.

Matthew 14: 32. Don’t ignore any storm because a storm can make you sink.

  1. All forces of darkness planning to sink me in the journey of life, Holy Ghost fire scatter them.
  2. In the name of Jesus, I will not sink, my wife, spouse and children will not sink in the journey of life. 

6.In the name of Jesus, every storm, every trouble that is about to caprice the boat of my life, in the name of Jesus, Peace be still 

  1. Every attack of life that is making me to think of suicide, my father arise and put an end to them
  2. In the name of Jesus, in this year 2021, I will not commit suicide; every suicidal thought coming to my mind, I erase it by your blood in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every attack of the enemy that will make me destroy my property with my hands, I cancel it in the name of Jesus 
  4. In the name of Jesus, I will not destroy my properties with my hands; my hands will not perform any evil, in the name of Jesus 
  5. Every curse of the enemy , every strange power pushing me to destroy what I have laboured for witj my hands, Holy Ghost fire destroy 

*To ride above the storms, you have to fear not

  1. I cover myself by the blood of Jesus, every aura of fear coming in my life, I blow you away in the name of Jesus. 
  2. Every form of fear in my life, you are a stranger, I decree out of my life in the name of Jesus 
  3. Every yoke of fear in my life, break in the name of Jesus. 

To ride above storms don’t ignore storms

To ride above storms, you must have unshakable faith in God

  1. By faith, I will succeed, by faith I will ride above storm; I will not crash in 2021. I will not be a slave to my colleagues in the name of Jesus. By faith, sickness will not be my portion, by faith I will not bury any of my children
  2. Father, open my eyes so that I can see opportunities that are surrounding me in the name of Jesus.Mark 4: 39, 1st Samuel 9: 20, Mark 5: 1 – 20.


Every storm the enemy has commissioned to waste what you have laboured for in life, I Command the storm to be destroyed by fire, your destiny will not be truncated in the name of Jesus. In the year 2021, the Lord will prosper you by faith, you will blossom, you will ride above storms; you will receive mercy, the mercy of God will not elude you in the name of Jesus. Amen



It’s DESTINY ENCOUNTER for the month of February, 2021

Theme:: Riding Over Storms

Date: 17th Of February, 2021

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Venue: Rccg,Trinity Sanctuary Parish, Region 13HQ, 1, Redemption Way Off Benin Sapele Road. Edo state

Ministering: The Regional Pastor, Pastor Dele Balogun. 


 Come and let the Jesus put a stop to the storms in your life pursuits 


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