It’s Divine Encounter!!!!

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Trinity Sanctuary Parish, Region13 Headquarters, presents a 4 Day Divine Encounter programme titled “Dismantling Gates”

Do not miss out from this programme,  the power of God will be made available to break loose every gate hindering you from moving forward and actualizing your goals in life.

Date: Monday, 10th to Thursday, 13th May, 2021

Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Time: 6:30 A.M daily

Venue: RCCG, 1 Redemption Way, off Benin Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State.

Channel: connect.rccgregion13.org

Social handles: facebook.com/rccgregion13hq, twitter@rccgregion13, instagram@rccgregion13, youtube@rccgregion13

Online radio: radio.rccgregion13.org

God Bless you.

Signed: Pst.Dele Balogun(PICR13)



Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Topic: Let the Fire Fall

Don’t struggle with God this morning because God is going to give you a new name as we round off today. The essence of this programme is to consume everything in us that is covering His Glory; I can assure you that you will burn for God after today.

When the fire of God comes upon you every sickness that the enemy has put on you will be consumed by fire.

John 12:24

  • I pray for someone this morning, as the fire of God comes upon your life, everything that is not allowing God to be revealed in your life will die by fire.

1st Kings 18

  • I pray anything that has to be consumed from our lives for a fresh fire of God to come upon us, this morning it will be consumed in the name of Jesus.

Isaiah 6:1

  • I pray for as many that are been thirsty to be a mouth of God and your tongue has been unclean, the enemy has infiltrated your tongue with nonsense, this morning the fire will come down and the coal of God will come upon your mouth and you shall become a mouth piece of God in the name of Jesus.

Zechariah 3:1

Acts 2

  1. Father, any name that you have not given me , that the world has given me, any name you have not given me that the enemy has put upon me, any name that you have not given me that is disturbing me from manifesting in the name to fulfill my destiny, father, consume that name by your fire.

Psalm 57:7 – 9

  1. Father, let my glory that the enemy has killed awake again.

1st Samuel 4:22

  1. Father, by this altar, let the glory of Trinity Sanctuary return.



Ministering: Pastor Gbenga Babalola

Theme: Let the Fire Fall

  1. Worship and magnify the name of the Lord this morning


Let the fire of the Lord come down

Let the fire of the Lord come down

Let the fire of the Lord from Heaven come down

Let the fire of the Lord come down

  1. Every seed of the enemy that has been planted in my life, I release the fire of God to consume it in the name of the Lord Jesus.
  2. Father, every seed that is not of God upon your children shall not come to manifestation.
  • Judges 6
  • When you receive fire, strength will come. One of the characteristics of fire is that fire is confrontational.
  1. Every house hold force that is still connected to me let the fire of God bring a division between me and the forces.
  2. Every connection between me and anything that God has not planted in me, father put a separation.
  3. Let the fire of God be a voice to any place that my name, my children names and my spouse’s name is being mentioned for evil.


  1. There is somebody that has a phobia of being pursued, I command the fire of God to pursue the pursuer.
  2. Somebody has information to steal something from you. Father, anyone that’s planning to steal anything from you, Holy Ghost fire pursue them.


When the fire of God falls, these things are bound to happen

  1. The fire will not stop at just one aspect of your life; it will touch every aspects of your life. Isaiah 6
  2. The fire will liberate you from every force trying to tie you down. Exodus 4: 18
  3. You will make a decree and it will stand
  4. You will receive supernatural strength
  5. The arrester will be arrested.

I decree, all forces trying to arrest you will be arrested in the name of Jesus.

Stay Blessed!



Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Text: 1st Kings 18: 22 – 39

Topic: Let the fire fall

Are you ready for the fire of the lord to come down? I need you to know that when the fire of the lord comes down things happen. Man is a tripartite being; meaning man is made up of spirit, soul and body.

  1. Father, I need revival in my life, revive me this morning by your fire. I am not satisfied with where I am; send your revival upon my spirit, body and soul.

When the fire of God falls, it brings about the negative and the positive, I pray the positive will happen in our lives. Amen

The fire of God brings purging and revival.

2.Father, purge me of all that is not consistent with your word in the name of Jesus.

When the fire of God falls, His enemies are consumed; you don’t need to pray for your enemies to die at all times. The edge of God around you is fire once you are synchronized with Him, leave God to consume your enemies by himself, leave the battle for God.

I decree, God will make a mess or mockery of any idol that has been disturbing our lives in the name of Jesus.

I decree, that everyone speaking incantations against you and the church will not receive any answers in the name of Jesus.

Zechariah 13: 9

  1. Father, I need your revival, purge me oh Lord from everything that has been hindering me from carrying your fire, send your fire, let your fire fall on me from my head to my toes.
  2. My maker, refine me as gold, refine me as silver, let there be revival again in Trinity Sanctuary Parish.

Malachi 3: 2 -4


Day 3: Special Divine Encounter

Wednesday, 10th February 2021
Day 3; Special Divine Encounter 2021

Bible Text: John 11:39-45

The Greatest Miracle of all- Lazarus Raised from the Dead

The Almighty God is going to give you a breakthrough that will bring millions into the kingdom of God.

1) Those who have written you off will get a surprise.
John 1:45-46; 1 Samuel 22:1-2; 17:20-29

2) There are some people who ask you “Where is your God now?”
Exodus 5:1-2; 12:30-36
I have good news for you.
Before the end of this year, your God will prove Himself.

3) It was the very hands that rolled the tomb of Lazarus in place, that rolled it away. Mark 10:47-52

4) The same people that bound Lazarus in the cave were the ones that loosed him.

In case there has been anyone responsible for your financial predicament, one day, they will tremble at your greatness.
Genesis 27:30-35

5) Your latter end will be better than the former.
If Lazarus had died quietly, if he hadn’t been raised from the dead, we won’t be talking about him now.

The biggest miracle that Jesus performed apart from dying to save us was resurrecting Lazarus from the dead.

You want the biggest miracle of all?
Nothing goes for nothing.

The more you love God, the more you must prove to Him that you love Him.

What is your alabaster box of oil?
May God give you the grace to release it to Him.

Salvation Call:
If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, give it to Him now and He will give you the greatest miracle in return.

Prayer Point:
Ask God for grace to release anything that will represent a setup for the greatest breakthrough of your life in Jesus’ Name.


Special Divine Encounter 2

Tuesday, 9th February 2021
Day 2; Special Divine Encounter 2021

Bible Text: Luke 7:11-15

1. All those who think they can bury you, tell them “Don’t bury me yet, help is on the way.” 1 Kings 17:8-17

2) Don’t wash your nets yet. Luke 5:1-7
Don’t write yourself off.
Dare to dream again.
Exodus 3:1 to 4:20

3) You can change the story of your family. Psalms 30:5
I decree to you my children, sympathizers won’t come to your house again.

4) God can use you to put your town or village on the world map.

What to do to become greater, and for you to make your family greater (Genesis 22:1-18):

● You must love the Lord God passionately.
Love and worship the Almighty God passionately.

● Submit to your father completely. Genesis 22:9

+ 3You must be willing to be a firstfruit sacrifice to God.
Make up your mind; if you want to be greater than your father, you don’t just give a first fruit, you make yourself a first fruit sacrifice.

Salvation Call:
Surrender yourself to be a living sacrifice to God and surrender to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

Prayer Point
– Lord, send help to me quickly. Let the help arrive today that Your Name may be glorified.

Special Divine Encounter

Monday, 8th February 2021

Day 1; Special Divine Encounter 2021
Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Bible Text: Mark 5:22-24, 35-43.

– It is possible to go from the ground to the sky and fly.
– It is possible for the Almighty God to take someone from the dunghill to the throne. 1 Samuel 2:7-8, Numbers 20:1-11
– It is possible for God to take a person to overflowing. 2 Kings 4:1-7
– It is possible for God to take someone who is destitute to a point where the person will have more than enough.

Case 1
Jairus’ daughter
When Jairus’ daughter died, she wasn’t only dying financially, she was dying maritally.
In this particular case, a whole generation was dying with her. Her end meant a complete end to the Jairus lineage.
+ It doesn’t matter how low you are, just an encounter with my God can lift you up from a lower place to a very high place.
+ The fact that your miracle is delayed does not mean that your miracle is not going to happen.
+ He who laughs last, laughs best. Daniel 3
+ When God wants to do something mighty for you, He will get rid of fake friends and fake sympathizers first.
Some blessings are for you alone. God doesn’t want you to share it with anyone. Genesis 12:1-14, 13

+ Certain miracles are not supposed to be exposed.
There are some miracles that God will give that will leave your neighbors guessing.
Until God gets you to that isolation, He will not release what He wants to release.

+ There are some blessings you keep to yourself. Don’t talk your miracle away.

+ It is not enough to resurrect, you have to eat in order to keep flying.
It’s not enough to get blessed, you need to stay with God.
Psalms 1:1-3

+ Please do everything possible to get your father’s blessing.
Do something that will make your father say to you “God Bless You”.
Galatians 2:20-21
When the Almighty God resurrects you, when He gives you this divine encounter, don’t forget Him.

Salvation Call:
Give your life to Jesus Christ, let Him link you up to that divine encounter.

Prayer Point:
+ Father this very day, move me from the ground to the sky, let me begin to soar through the Lord Jesus Christ.
+ Father, I want to fly, move me from the ground very soon.


Special Destiny Encounter with Pastor Adeboye


 It’s time to place one’s Destiny in an Accelerating Manner. 

Join us on the 8th to 10th of February, 2021 at Trinity Sanctuary Parish, 1 Redemption Way Off Benin Sapele Road as we connect to daddy G. O Live on this year special Destiny Encounter. 

Time: 6: pm

     God Bless You

                Signed: Pastor Dele Balogun


The Ever sure God …part 4

Divine Encounter….Day 4


Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Theme: Ever Sure God

Text: 2nd Corinthians 1: 20


Let’s pray:

  1. Worship the reliable God, the merciful God and the God of impeccable integrity.
  2. My father, my father, an ever sure God, show up in all my affairs, battles and endeavor
  3. My father, my father, the ever sure God, delivers the head of my enemies and make it into a play toy in my hands.
  4. My father, my father, the ever sure God, bring every promise you have made to me to pass in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every power postponing the fulfillment of my destiny, Holy Ghost fire, consume them now in the name of Jesus.
  6. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise, show up in my affairs and family.
  7. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise in your power, every promise of favour, prosperity, greatness, glory you have promised me, by your power bring it to pass.
  8. My father, my father, the ever sure God, arise in my business, show up in my career, academics and family.
  9. Father, the ever sure God, let your purpose for my life come to pass, let me have a brighter tomorrow, let our children have a brighter tomorrow in the name of Jesus.

The Almighty God is an ever sure God, He’s ever faithful, ever merciful and ever dependable; He cannot afil nyt trusted.

Matthew 14:21, Isaiah 43: 2, Daniel 3: 22 – 30


Five (5) main things about God’s surety

  1. God’s power is ever sure. Genesis 17:1

His power is ever sure because it can destroy sicknesses and diseases. Matthew 8: 14 – 16.

  • The power of God will bring healings to your body, soul and spirit
  • I decree today, the power of God will work for you

The power of God can make your enemies to bow before you.

2nd Chronicles 32: 21

  • Every oppressors head will become a play toy in your hands.
  1. God’s promises are ever sure. 2nd Corinthians 1:20

Yea means sure

Amen means forever certain

When God gives you a promise, it must surely come to pass. Genesis 12,Genesis 18: 18

  • That promise of greatness, promise of being a champion will come to pass.
  • You will not die young nor go with the year 2020, in Jesus name.
  • God has promised that your tomorrow will be alright
  1. His words are ever sure. Psalms 119:89, 1st Thessalonians 5: 24, Psalm 33: 8 -9, Isaiah 55: 11
  • God has spoken that you are ruling your word
  • God has spoken that your tomorrow will be alright.
  • Every word that God has spoken concerning you will come to pass, in the name of Jesus.
  1. God’s blessings are ever sure. No man can thwart your blessings when God decides to bless you.
  • You are blessed of the Lord
  • You are going to flourish in this land of Edo state.
  1. God’s purpose and plan for your life is ever sure. He has promised you a greater tomorrow which cannot be thwarted by anyone.

Isaiah 14: 27


Your faith in God is ever sure, He will never let you down when you trust in Him. Surrender your life to Christ if you are yet to do so and you will never be disappointed by the ever sure God.



The Ever sure God(part 3)

Destiny Encounter…. Day 3


Ministering: Pastor Oukowajo

Theme: The Ever Sure God

Text: Numbers 23: 19


  1. Worship the Ever sure God for His greatness and wonders in your life.
  2. Oh Lord, my father this morning, prove yourself as the ever sure God in my life, in my family and in my destiny.

Ever sure is being referred to God and His attributes. Sure sometimes may not be certain nor sustained, ever sure means it’s always certain.

God is an ever sure being because He dwells in the realm of truth.

The Implications of God’s surety

  1. The strength and the might of God are ever sure. 2nd Chronicles 20:6
  • Every kingdom that says you will not be above your colleagues shall crumble in the name of Jesus.
  1. The ability and capability of God are ever sure. Matthew 3: 9
  • I decree, before the end of this year, your status will change, there will be a miraculous payment of debt for those in debt and your expectations from the beginning of this year will be accomplished in the name of Jesus.
  1. The possibilities and potentialities of God are ever sure. Luke 1:39, 2nd Kings 4.
  • I decree, in 24 hours, your level will change, the possibilities of God will manifest in your life.
  1. The influence(heaviness, weightiness) of God are ever sure.2nd Chronicles 20:22

When God is a matter, a man enjoys favour, God pushes man aside and take charge. When you are in God’s favour, the available that you have will be used to achieve the impossible. When you are favoured of God, errors of a man is minimized and the efforts of man are maximized.

  • The oil of favour is coming upon me; the Lord whom influenced the battle of Jehoshaphat will influence my case in the name of Jesus.
  1. The existence God is ever sure. 2nd Kings 18.

God cannot die nor be silenced; He cannot fail over any matter.

  • The ground will swallow anyone that says you will not share your testimony nor rise above your equals in the name of Jesus.