Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Topic: celebrating Jesus

Text: Matthew 2: 9 -11

Let’s pray:

Father, we thank you for being the reason for the season: we adore you; bless you for all you have been doing in our lives in the name of Jesus.


The story of our Lord Jesus is unique, peculiar, outstanding and of great significance to man.

Jesus is worthy of celebration hence the reason the world is celebrating Him on the 25th of December.

Good Friday is another day celebrated by the world; Jesus Christ is a great phenomenon.

Things to celebrate about Jesus

 1. His birth is worthy of celebration. His birth brought redemption to the world. Matthew 1:21, He was born in manager but rose to become great. I decree, you will become great as you celebrate Jesus this season.

2. His philosophy of love is worthy of celebration. Jesus Christ loved unconditionally. Matthew 8: 1 -3, Luke 7:14. I decree, mercy will speak for you as you celebrate Jesus. Matthew 15:13, John 11:33

 3. Everything about Him is good. Blessings and miracles are associated with Jesus. Matthew 8: 15 – 16. I decree you will not enter the New Year with sickness as you celebrate Jesus. I decree you will enter the New Year with freedom as you celebrate Him today. Mark 3: 1-5, you shall recover all that you have lost before the year comes to an end.

4. His death and resurrection is worthy of celebration. My father is alive; therefore I will continue to celebrate him.

How Can We Celebrate Jesus?

  1. Always worship Him
  2. Use your resources, potentials, skills, talents and gifts to serve Him
  3. Emulate His examples by showing love

Prayer: Bestow unto me the grace to serve you with all my resources and to emulate you.


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