Good morning everyone.

Today is finally the day that Daddy G.O, Pastor E.A Adeboye will be visiting us to give us the voice of hope, a message of hope in Benin city.
One thing I can tell you is that you must have an expectation when coming for this program.
Daddy G.O always says one thing, whenever you are coming for a meeting with God, *build an expectation, have an expectation, Have what you want in mind that you desire from God.*

In special meetings such as this, God is exceptionally keen to do mighty things, things out of the ordinary.
So please, I admonish us all, to build an expectation now, if you don’t already have one.
If you already have an expectation, expand it, magnify your expectation.
Daddy G. O has taught us that nothing is too big for the Almighty God who created the Heavens and the earth, who holds life and death in His hands, who holds the hearts of Kings in His hand.
Nothing is too big for God to do.
So trust God too much to give up.
Have an expectation when you go for this meeting today.
Please make sure you go and go on time, it’s a one in a lifetime meeting that will change lives and generations unborn, that will cause shifts in both the physical and spiritual realms. Time is 2 pm prompt. No Africa time
God bless you all in Jesus name.

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