JOHN 14:1-3

House is a permanent resident, something solid, something that is a land mark, an address. A house could be a family Genesis 7:1.
On deeper scale a house can mean your root, your village Genesis 24:34. A house can mean a compound that is collection of houses that is members of the same family building their houses together.
When Jesus said there are many mansions it means collection of houses Romans 8:29.

A mansion is a house with many rooms. If God opens your eyes to the mansion you have in heaven things that will take you out of the way will no longer exist 16:26. The mud used in building the mansions is pure gold Revelation 21:21.

There is something great waiting for you in Heaven.
If there are many mansions, why does Jesus want to go and prepare?
 Many does not mean enough.
 Reserving a place is talking about how close and how important.
 There are levels of intimacy: how close will you be with Jesus Christ when you leave this earth? Because how close you will be is determined by your level of intimacy with Him.

As a landlord is Jesus living in your house? How comfortable is Jesus in your house?
How close you are to Jesus will determine how close you will be with Him when you get to Heaven Revelation 22:10-12.

There is idea of reservation when things are many but not enough. Is relationship with Christ on earth a guarantee that there is a reservation of mansion for you in Heaven?

If you close your eyes on earth and Jesus is not standing by your side to lead you back home, there is a big issue. Stephen saw Jesus standing while he was about to die, Jesus was standing to take Stephen home.
CONCLUSION: Make your way right God now.

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