First Sunday Service: 09/05/2021

Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Topic: Die Empty

Text: Genesis 50: 24 – 26


  • My father, my father, the grace to use my talent while I am alive, release unto me, in the name of Jesus.

The richest place in the world is the grave because so many persons that died FULL; died with their gifts, talents and potentials.

Joseph had many gifts, talents and potentials; he ensured he used them for the advancement of the Kingdom. Joseph had the gift of dreams, gift of interpretation of gifts, gift of boldness and gift of planning and administration. Joseph died empty.

Dying Empty means living the kind of life through which one utilizes his or her gifts to the maximum before dying.

The grave is the richest place because lots of people go the grave with their talents or potentials without making use of them.

Five (5) Characteristics of Those Who Will Die Empty

  1. Those whom discovered their destiny while alive. To avoid dying empty, you need to discover your purpose on earth, discover the tools through which they can fulfill their destiny.

The tools to fulfilling ones destiny are: gifts, talents and resources through which God has uniquely given to an individual

  1. Those who are committed to good works will die empty. Matthew 25: 14 – 20

Refrain from hiding your talents to avoid going to the grave full.

Luke 19: 13

  1. Those who knows the value of today and don’t procrastinate will die empty. Leaving what you can do today for tomorrow is not part of the slogan of dying empty. Ecclesiastes 9: 10

Stop postponing things, know the relevance of today

Mark 10: 46 – 52

  1. Those who will die empty live above excuses.

Excuses are always given by failures, let there be a revolutionary change after today.

Food for thought:

  • What have you been doing for God?
  • Have you exhausted your resources?

  1. Those who will not die empty execute their dreams and not just being dreamers.

God wants you to move from the level of a dreamer to an executer of dreams.

Close up prayers:

  • My father, my father, have mercy o me in all the areas I have disappointed you in not using my gifts.
  • I throw away every garment of excuses not allowing me to use my talents, in the name of Jesus.
  • My father, my father, assist me oh Lord! I have made up my mind to use my talents and gifts for you as from today.
  • My father, my father, the grace to die empty, release unto me now in the name of Jesus; I don’t want my destiny to be truncated.



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