Divine Lifting

January 2021 Thanksgiving Service
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Theme: Divine Lifting
Text: Judges 15:14-19

Don’t be afraid. There is fear in the air. Fear is a killer.
Put your hand on your chest and say “I will not be afraid.”, my God will take care of me and I will serve Him.
God told me loud and clear, my son, the Redeemed Christian Church of God is my church. I can take care of my own. I will take care of my own.
Whatever you did for God that brought you thus far, don’t stop doing it.

In this story, you do not find Samson saying “Thank You Lord.”
When you are grateful to God for what He has done, He will do more. 2 Chronicles 1:6-16.
If you are ungrateful to God for what He has done for you in the past, He may remove it. 1 Samuel 2:30, 1 Samuel 15.

The most important lesson of all is that sooner or later, you will need God again. Samson never said thank you, he was praising himself. Thirst came and he suddenly realized he needed God again.
You are going to need God again.
Psalm 50:14-15.

We will keep on praising God.
Your trust must be in God.

Tell the fellow next to you, I’m not going to die. But you must learn to be grateful. We are not grateful enough.
That’s my own greatest concern for us in RCCG. We need to be grateful.
I have discovered if you thank God, He will do more. If you feel you don’t need God, you are still going to need Him.
If you are a child of God, show God that you are a grateful child.

Don’t joke with the mercy of God. He can withdraw that mercy and there will be nothing else.
If you want to give your life to Jesus, come now.

Why don’t you just stand up and praise God from the bottom of your heart.


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