Dominion Over Fear


Pst Temitope  Balogun


Dominion Over Fear


Isaiah 41:10-14;


The plan of the Devil is to make us live in perpetual torment (1John4:18;) He wants our lives to be miserable and not enjoyable.

The purpose of the Devil for you and me is that we do not enjoy the fullness of God and of course, we know that this is in direct conflict to the promise of God which says that Jesus came so that we can have life in abundance John 10:10;

The plan of God for His children is that we must ride over challenges of life, God’s purpose for us is to overcome all the battles of life. Why? We have an example in Christ. He overcame and He can help those who are passing through similar challenging situations to overcome. God wants you to have dominion over fear.

What is fear? An unpleasant feeling/emotion that is caused by threat of danger, pain or harm.


There are two major types – we have:

  • negative and
  • positive fear.

While positive fear like the name is the kind that will allow you to revere God or any other person

Ecc.12:13-14;Acts.9:31; Heb.11:7; it is the kind of fear that helps you to honor God and obey Him.

Negative fear is the type that leaves you with negative feelings. It comes with worry, anxiety, insomnia, fright, alarm and such like. God condemns this kind of fear Ps 91/11:5; Luke 12:32;


  • Fear of failure Matt 25:25;
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of other people’s opinion which report will you believe…IKg11:29-38
  • Fear of getting hurt
  • Fear of the night Ps.4:8; Lev.26:6;
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of future matt 6:25-34
  • Fear of something bad happening  IKG.19:4
  • Fear of old age Lev 9:32
  • Fear of missing out Lk 12:4-7;
  • Examples of biblical figures that exhibit fear
  • Job Job 3:25;/Jacob/GideonJds.6:13ff/Zechariah/


  • Fear produces excessive worry
  • It torments
  • It kills faith
  • It produces anxiety which will be evident in your:
  • Speech Num.13:31;1KG19:4;
  • Posture Elijah IKG19:4ff
  • Emotion/imbalance insomnia
  • Effects of fear.
  • Fear will lead to emotional disorder like depression, hormonal imbalance etc.
  • It can weaken immune system, headaches
  • It can cause increase in blood pressures, and heart disease.
  • Ulcer, infertility, accelerate ageing, premature death. ( Source: Online)



  • Be resolute in your faith. Faith is the only antidote to fear
  • 2. Don’t ever give up or resign to fate
  • Build up your faith…
  • Confront your fear Phil4:6-7; Prov 23:7;
  • Change your thinking pattern Prov.23:7; like what if not instead of what if…
  • Speak faith even if it looks sounds or seems foolish Joel.3:10
  • Gather the courage to drop the fear
  • Hold tenaciously to God and His words Deut 1:8; Isa43:1;
  • Develop the habit of worship bcos fear melts in the place of worship
  • Pray more in the spirit ICor.14:4,Jd 1:20;
  • Connect with positive people. Prov.27:17Don’t isololate, yourself when you are not in isolation center or isolation period.
  • Do something meaningful, be involved, give out. IJhn4:18;


Brethren, God knows the damaging effects of fear to our wholesomeness and this is why the bible has made provision for a dosage of ‘fear not’ for every day of the year.

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