From Shame to Glory

Sunday Service  (15th August, 2021)
Ministering: Pastor Leslie Dabor
Theme: From Shame to Glory

• Shame is dishonour. Every program of the devil to disgrace you, that chain is broken. When one is doing well the kingdom of darkness is not happy.
• Shame is the shortage of Glory. Romans 3:23 Sin causes shortage of Glory which leads to Shame.
• Shame could be complete absence of Glory. 1 Samuel 4:21 in the absence of Glory there could be impending death, sudden death.
• Shame is the loss of honour and respect. 1Kings 3:13. Respect is greater than money. Isaiah 61:7 your honor shall be restored in double. God will honour you instead of reproach.  Psalms 31: 11. There is a kind of reproach that makes people despicable, it causes people to despise one.
• Shame is inability to meet up  your responsibilities . 2 Kings 4:1 . Shame is what gives your mockers voice against you. Job 17:2. When reproach hits a man , your mockers have an explanation for your misery.
• Shame is embarrassment from universal status. A place of dishonour and lower status. Its that situation that questions the existence of your God.
• A sinnner is not one who sins but one who is not ashamed of walking in sin. The worst form of  shame is to be a sinner. It’s sin that prospers a sinner and brings shame to one. Grace uproot you from sin and plants you in righteousness

Stay Blessed!

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