EXODUS 14: 14 – 15




  By the grace of God Almighty, we shall be having a new series titled “GO FORWARD”. When the children of Israel, left Egypt for the promised land, they came across the Red sea, and cried before the Lord and He instructed them to “GO FORWARD”.


  1. They were reluctant. They were reluctant in moving forward because;

they were dragging their feet due to the enormity and magnitude of the red sea.

 What is the Red sea?

 The Red Sea is one of the major seven (7) seas in the world, located between East Africa coast and Saudi Arabia Peninsula. It’s depth is three thousand and forty meters(3,040)km, it’s feet is nine thousand nine hundred and seventy(9,970), it’s width is three hundred and fifty five(355)km, and a surface area of four hundred and thirty eight thousand(438,000)km sq.

   In relating the Red sea to our spiritual lives,

 1.The Red Sea could mean a mountain,an obstacle, an overwhelming problem in our spiritual lives. Red Sea was a mountain before the children of Israel; they needed to overcome it before they could get to their promised land. 

Exodus 14: 1 – 2

 2. The Red Sea can also stand for hindrances, impediments and obstacles.           Joshua 6: 1 – 20

 3. The Red Sea could also mean an over whelming problem.  The kind of problem  that  unless  God intervenes, you shall not likely get a solution. 1st Samuel 17: 2 – 11.

 4. The Red Sea may also mean global emergency, like the form of Covid- 19 pandemic . Numbers 21: 5 – 10

 Things to do instead of being intimidated by the enormity of your problems.

  • Speak to that problem( mountain). Mark 11: 23 – 24, Matthew 17: 20
  • Sing praises unto God with faith.
  • Prayers – confront the situation with prayers using the name of Jesus. 1st Samuel 17: 45 – 46.


  1. Bless the name of the Lord for his kingship and Lordship.
  2. Appreciate God for sustaining you in this month of June.
  3. Father, whatsoever that is hindering me from moving forward, arise in your power and destroy it, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, by your support, by your power, I will move forward in this month of June.
  5. We decree that God should comfort and console the mourners and the groaners in this Covid 19 pandemic era, and He should keep evil/tragedy away from us.
  6. I refuse to be intimidated by any form of mountain, I refuse to go under, I refuse to be depressed, frustrated and stagnant; I move will forward in the name of Jesus .
  7. Every mountain standing between me and my promised land, father, arise and remove the mountain in the name of Jesus.
  8. Every impediments, obstacles, hindrances on my way to glory, I command you in the name of Jesus, to become a stepping stone.
  9. My father, every overwhelming problem hindering me from moving forward, arise by your power and destroy them.
  10. In the name of Jesus, I receive healing over my body, health, my family and I shall be covid – 19 free.
  11. Father, intervene in my affair, let me experience supernatural intervention in this month of June.


Father, I decree, every mountain standing between you and your promised land be removed, every obstacle / hindrance shall become a stepping stone for you, in the name of Jesus. You will overcome in an unexplainable way in this month of June. I decree, every sickness threatening your destiny shall be destroyed. We decree and declare peace for Edo state, in Jesus name. Amen

 Please, do endeavor to observe all hygienic rules, stay safe and blessed.




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