TEXTS: Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1, II Corinthians 3:17

The Almighty is a God of liberty. He is interested in the freedom of his children. He has been using his power to ensure that the captives are set free and that the bound are loosed.

Right from the inception of ages, the Lord has been setting the captives free, loosing people from their bondages, opening the door for the prisoners.

In Exodus 12:40-42. God delivered the children of Israel from the pharaonic bondage, they were set at liberty.

Luke 13:10-12. He loosed the woman who was bound  by the spirit of infirmity for 18 years and she was set free.

Mark 5:2-19 – The Lord delivered and set him free

Acts 16:25-28. Paul and Silas  were bound and put in prison, but the God of liberty came down and set them free. Their bonds were loosed

Jesus declared in Luke 4:18 the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah, that he came to:

  1. preach the gospel to the poor
  2. Heal the broken hearted
  3. Proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty all those who are oppressed

Jesus was moving around fulfilling this mandate and was setting people free.  Ref Scripture -Acts 10:38

Who are those in need of Liberty?

The captives, the bound and the prisoners.

Psalm 124:26-28. He can make you escape from the snare of the fowlers

He has the ability to set the captives free

A captive can be likened to a bird inside cage. Anyone who has the characteristics of a bird inside a cage should be set free.

Characteristics of a bird inside a cage

  1. It’s movement is restricted. In other words, He is grounded Joh 5:2-9

-Sickness can restrict your movement

Ref Scripture -Luke 13:10-12. He was bound by infirmity

– Curses can restrict your movement

Ref Scripture – Gen 49:3. Ruben

Evil tradition can restrict your movement. Such traditions include: tradition of bareness, tradition of never making it on time in one’s family, tradition of late marriages.

Ref Scripture- Abraham was barren (Gen 16:1), Isaac was barren (Gen 25:1), Jacob was barren (Gen 30:1)

The God of liberty can break the embargo placed on your movement and can give you speed in the journey of life.

Ref Scripture Luke 13:12, Gal 3:13-14

2. It cannot eat whatever he likes, he is at the mercy of his captor.

Ref Scripture Acts 3:1-6, He could not eat what he likes. Sickness (lameness), poverty (begging for food), but Peter broke the yoke and he was set free.

3. It is a slave – a legal property of another, forced to obey the will of his master. He serves the master unconditionally.

Ref Scripture – The children of Israel were slaves to the Egyptians Ex 1;13, God set them free Ex 12:40-42

4. It cannot fly- His destiny has been truncated and his flying ability rendered useless.

Ref Scripture –  Ecclesiastes 10:5-7

There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: Folly is set in great dignity and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses and princes walking as servants upon the earth” (KJV)

5. It is under siege – Supplies have been cut away from it, good things always elude them, others may be getting it but when it is their turn, it will finish.

Ref Scripture -2nd Kings 6:24-25, Things became terribly bad that they were eating dove’s dung for food.

How Does God Set Free?

 1. John 8:36 – “So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”(NIV)

By the Decree of the Lord Jesus, By proclamation.

2. By anointing Isaiah 10:27. Anointing breaks the yoke

3. By deliverance- Using his power to set you free Acts16:26

4. By making your captor to bow before you or beg you. Dan 2:46, Exodus 12:31-38

5. By worshipping and praising God. Mark 5:6. The Gadarene demonic worshipped Jesus.

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