Let God Arise

October 2020 Thanksgiving Service

Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Theme: Let God Arise
Text: Psalms 68:1-4

When God arises, several things could happen.
It is my prayer that God will arise for you, your family, your nation and the church.

When God arises, stagnation comes to an end.
Exodus 3:1-5

When God arises, there will be a way where there was no way before.
Exodus 14:1-28.

Everyone of you listening to me today, God will arise for you. Where they said there was no way for you before, ways will open.

When God arises, it doesn’t matter who set up the blockade between you and your destiny, the blockade will be removed.
Joshua 5:13-6:20.

In a manner you cannot imagine, God will send help to you.
By next Sunday as God lives, everything blocking your way will be destroyed.
Judges 14:5-6

Any enemy trying to choke you to death, God will tear them into two.
Every lion trying to choke you, your children and destiny, the Lord will tear them into two.

Anyone who is pretending to be your friend and is planning to hug you to death, God will arise and destroy them.

If there is any friend trying to destroy you, God will arise today and expose them.

When God arises;
1 Samuel 17:1-51
David and Goliath.
I’m standing on this altar today, to decree in the Name that is above every other name, any terrorist and any sponsor of terrorists in Nigeria, will not see the new year.

Daniel 3
If God will arise for you, what was meant to destroy you will lead to your promotion.

When God arises;
1) Your enemies will fail.
2) They will be confused.
3) They will be put to shame.
4) You will be promoted.

Let God arise and His enemies will be scattered. Those who trust Him will rejoice.

How do you get God to arise?
Praise Him.
If you praise the Almighty God, He will arise.
Example is the story of Paul and Silas.
Today, I want you to praise God.
Use your mouth to praise God so much, and He will arise on your behalf.

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