Ministering: Pastor Gbenga Babalola

Theme: Let the Fire Fall

  1. Worship and magnify the name of the Lord this morning


Let the fire of the Lord come down

Let the fire of the Lord come down

Let the fire of the Lord from Heaven come down

Let the fire of the Lord come down

  1. Every seed of the enemy that has been planted in my life, I release the fire of God to consume it in the name of the Lord Jesus.
  2. Father, every seed that is not of God upon your children shall not come to manifestation.
  • Judges 6
  • When you receive fire, strength will come. One of the characteristics of fire is that fire is confrontational.
  1. Every house hold force that is still connected to me let the fire of God bring a division between me and the forces.
  2. Every connection between me and anything that God has not planted in me, father put a separation.
  3. Let the fire of God be a voice to any place that my name, my children names and my spouse’s name is being mentioned for evil.


  1. There is somebody that has a phobia of being pursued, I command the fire of God to pursue the pursuer.
  2. Somebody has information to steal something from you. Father, anyone that’s planning to steal anything from you, Holy Ghost fire pursue them.


When the fire of God falls, these things are bound to happen

  1. The fire will not stop at just one aspect of your life; it will touch every aspects of your life. Isaiah 6
  2. The fire will liberate you from every force trying to tie you down. Exodus 4: 18
  3. You will make a decree and it will stand
  4. You will receive supernatural strength
  5. The arrester will be arrested.

I decree, all forces trying to arrest you will be arrested in the name of Jesus.

Stay Blessed!

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