Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Text: 1st Kings 18: 22 – 39

Topic: Let the fire fall

Are you ready for the fire of the lord to come down? I need you to know that when the fire of the lord comes down things happen. Man is a tripartite being; meaning man is made up of spirit, soul and body.

  1. Father, I need revival in my life, revive me this morning by your fire. I am not satisfied with where I am; send your revival upon my spirit, body and soul.

When the fire of God falls, it brings about the negative and the positive, I pray the positive will happen in our lives. Amen

The fire of God brings purging and revival.

2.Father, purge me of all that is not consistent with your word in the name of Jesus.

When the fire of God falls, His enemies are consumed; you don’t need to pray for your enemies to die at all times. The edge of God around you is fire once you are synchronized with Him, leave God to consume your enemies by himself, leave the battle for God.

I decree, God will make a mess or mockery of any idol that has been disturbing our lives in the name of Jesus.

I decree, that everyone speaking incantations against you and the church will not receive any answers in the name of Jesus.

Zechariah 13: 9

  1. Father, I need your revival, purge me oh Lord from everything that has been hindering me from carrying your fire, send your fire, let your fire fall on me from my head to my toes.
  2. My maker, refine me as gold, refine me as silver, let there be revival again in Trinity Sanctuary Parish.

Malachi 3: 2 -4


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