Media ministers work behind the scenes to make it possible to share the Gospel to church and beyond.





  • Ensure all programs / events are covered recorded
  • Deliver available shoots to editors or webmaster team
  • Ensure your cameras are kept properly before and after an event
  • Ensure your cables are well arranged before and after an event


Camera, cable man, tripod, roller, camera light, camera battery, camera bags



  • Improve worship experience via enhanced transcribing method
  • Worshippers are able to worship better with knowledge of the lyrics and bible passages
  • Meaning are given to non-English songs as they are translated
  • Chorister are able to minister better with on-screen lyrics.


PC, Easy Worship or any presentation software, Vmix/Xsplit or any live studio software, others includes; Lower Third Animations, Break-in (Request this from the editors or graphic designers)




  • Broadcast event live on internet channels
  • Ensure to collect edited messages from editors and upload manually to the website for public views (Note; Live event are automatically set to go unlisted due to copyright issues)
  • Share live link to all social angles via the website which is currently linked with all your social platform
  • Ensure post and video link get to contacts
  • Promote or Boost certain posts and advert from time to time
  • Ensure transcribe messages, announcement/handbills are posted to the website
  • Marketing


PC or Handle/mobile gadget, Internet, Vmix/Xsplit or any broadcaster, freemake or any trimming/converting software, access to official website



  • Create montage
  • Ensure all events / programs are recorded
  • News / Announcement
  • Edit each video content from any event
  • Edit available shoot and deliver to webmasters
  • Get creative by compelling multiple ministrations to make up a production… E.g. Prayer and prophetic utterances, praise/song ministrations… either in video or audio format
  • Covert all productions to possible consumable format e.g., mp3, mp4, etc…


PC, Adobe editing suit including Photoshop or any editing software, Vmix/Xsplit or any broadcaster, freemake or any trimming/converting software, access to official website




  • Produce finished work of an event given to you by an editor
  • Printer event label on each DVD or CD
  • Duplicate / mass produce for sells


Disc printer, duplicator, DVD/CD,




  • Set target to sell all production given to you
  • Sell online and all social media
  • Sell converted video via file transfer to user mp3 or available gadget
  • Announce available production

Tools: Logical / Possible means; consider Regional / Large attendance event




Ensure to do a sound check before any event/program also ensure that sound are distributed and clean for all PC handling recording and streaming




Before meeting: Arrive 60 minutes prior to every meeting to set up, turn on all audio and video equipment, do a sound check and prepare your presentations. Make sure all cables, instruments and stands are neatly set in place before every meeting.

During meeting: You are responsible to keep an eye on things, specifically on special events where people from other congregations come into our church.

After meeting: Make sure all cables, instruments and stands are neatly set back into place after every meeting. Also ensure all equipment are properly kept/shut down after and event. Team are expected to spend at list 60mins extra after the end of any meeting before leaving.

Prayer & lifestyle: All team members are required to pray before and after an event / program

Dress Code: Default dressing code for camera personae’s on duty is black including shoe… others are expected to dress presentable in every service. Make sure clothing items do not promote anything ungodly. No media member is permitted to but on slippers during an event/programs… most especially, the camera personas.

Special events: Entire team are required to help out at special events organized by the church or from a particular department… such as seminars, anniversaries and joint meetings. Team leader will give you instructions on how to distribute the workload for event that are forecasted to be less populated.

Not being able to make a meeting: All team members are responsible to notify their group leader if they are unable to make a meeting. Please notify them in advance to give them enough time to find another person to cover you.

Conflicts/disagreements with other team members:  If you find yourself in disagreement with another team member please notify your group leader to help you solve the issue.

Punctuality: All media are expected to attend all programs / event. If there is any reason you will be absent from an event / program, always ensure to make sure you arrange for someone to stand in for you. However, irregularity will be looked into after one month of blank space in the attendance register.

Follow up: Group leaders are expected to check on team members who were found absent from an event / program. Also ensure to call them one on one or visit them if their absence exceeds a week or more.

Manners and communication: You are only permitted to discuss with your team leader privately, if you have any counter suggestion or request to any given instruction.  Avoid raising your voice at the tense of an event or when addressing your collogue. Any insubordination will be treated seriously, try better possible means to communicate your points.

KIT: Ensure to request for your ID card and Media jacket

Fund Raising: It is important to have a backup savings to enable us attend to certain demands within our abilities or any emergency / arising issues. We shall set specific methods to achieve this and monetary commitment to any member is determined by the member commitment and participation towards this goal.


Please note that this processes and procedures are put in place for better performance and to increase maturity. Also will be continually refined from time to time