Pastor Dele Balogun



Open Doors (part 1)



Revelations 3: 7 – 8



The Almighty God has the ability to open any shut door irrespective of the circumstances at which the door was locked.


John 10: 9

The lord Jesus is the chief door; every door opens at their own accord whenever He approaches.


Some scriptural references to buttress that the Lord can open any door are:

  1. Genesis 39: 20: The door of greatness was shut against Joseph.

Genesis 41: 14: the Lord opened the shut door of greatness against Joseph.


  1. 1st Samuel 1: 5: The door of fruitfulness was shut against Hannah.

1st Samuel 1: 20: The door of fruitfulness was opened for Hannah; thereby conceiving Samuel.


  1. Numbers 12: 10 – 16: The door of good health was shut against Miriam, at the end; the Lord opened the door of good health resulting to her being cured of leprosy.


  1. 1st Kings 17: 1: Elijah stormed Ahab palace and shut the doors of heaven against him and the people of Israel ( the door of blessing was shut Ahab)

1st kings 18: 1: God opened the door of blessing through Elijah.



You must be born again to partake in the blessings of opening shut doors. (Repent and acknowledge your sins to enable God open every shut doors against you).



  1. As form today, every door I knock shall be opened unto me in the name of Jesus.
  2. I decree that the Lord will open every locked or shut door against me in the name of Jesus.


Lord we appreciate you for you are the Lord that can open every shut doors, I decree that every shut door against your children be opened in the name of Jesus. Heal the sick, the listeners and the viewers; deliver us from Covid 19 pandemic in Jesus name. Amen





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