Possess your Possession

Sunday,12th of September,2021

Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Topic: Possess your Possession 

Text: Numbers 27: 1 – 5

Our God is a God of possession; He has made everything available for us to enjoy in abundance. God created everything in abundance.

You don’t have any business with sufferings or afflictions as a child of God.

Numbers 33: 52 – 53

Romans 8 : 17

We are joint heir with Christ, whatever that belongs to Christ belong to us. 

1st Corinthians 3: 21 – 23

Some things that belong to Jesus that are our Possession

  1. Healing / Good health: Isaiah 53: 3 – 5, Luke 13: 11 – 16. 
  2. Deliverance: Matthew 15: 21
  3. Prosperity: Haggai 2: 8, Psalm 50:11
  4. Breakthrough: Luke 5 : 1 – 10, in the journey of life; God wants you to have a breakthrough.
  5. Victory

These possessions are like raw Good, yoir role is to rise and claim all their possessions. Mark 11: 12

How to claim your possessions

  1. Have the knowledge of the possession
  2. Stand in the presence of God
  3. Have faith in God 
  4. Be resolute


  1. With the backing of God, I possess my possession
  2. I command every sickness in my body to go away in the name of Jesus 
  3. Every yoke is broken today
  4. I cut off every link between me and break down
  5. There is breakthrough in all that I do
  6. I reject every sickness in my life
  7. Healing is my possession 
  8. I am more than a conqueror 
  9. Prosperity is my possession 

I reject poverty, shame and dishonour in the name of Jesus.


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