Power of the Tongue

Sunday Service (17th of January,2021)

Ministering: Pastor Maxwell Opeite

Text: Proverbs 18: 20 – 21

Topic: Power of the Tongue

The tongue is an important member of the body, the greatest weapon of our body. You do not have reasons to be at the low level of life because you can use your tongue to move your life upward. The tongue can bless, curse or kill.

How should we use our tongues?

  1. Create and recreate our tongues
  2. Preserve your lives
  3. Confront your fears and worries with the power of your tongue

David boasted in the name of the Lord, what about you? There is no situation that can subdue because you are born of God. 1st Samuel 17: 45 – 46 Everyone faces battle on a daily basis, battle for a better life, battle for survival, be mindful of what you say to everyone or situation.

To win in the battle of life:

  1. You need faith in God’s word
  2. Confront your situation with the word of God; what you say to yourself matters a lot, stand before the mirror and proclaim positive words to yourself.
  3. Act: do not speak the words and relent, take action just like the examples of the healing of the centurion servant, the prodigal son and the ten spies.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Prayers:  Father, thank you, give me the opportunity to make use of my tongue to reconstruct, re order and to do away with negative utters. Help us to choose the right words even in the place of anger in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
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