MINISTERING: Pastor E.A Adeboye

TEXT: Psalm 147:1


The word Comely means beautiful. 

There are three major things said about praise 

  1. Praise is good. 
  2. Praise is pleasant, pleasant is a relative of the word pleasure
  3. Praise is beautiful

In one of the sermons  From lockdown to Leaping up, we spoke about trade by barter. Praising God is a form of trade by barter so that you will know when you are praising God, you are actually trading with God.

– God made all things for His pleasure, Revelation 4:9-11. 

– He made birds to sing, Solomons 2:12. – He made mountains and hills also to sing, Isaiah 55:12. 

– He made trees to clap, Isaiah 55:12.    – The waves to clap their hands, psalm 98:8, psalm 47:1. He made all things for His pleasure.

Where do we find this trade by barter business in praising God? 

James 4:8, John 4:23-24 (God is seeking for those who will worship Him in truth and spirit)

If you give God praise like in psalm 34:1, God will make sure that goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, psalm 23:6. When you are grumbling or complaining or querying God, you are robbing yourself. 

Praise is pleasant, psalm 135:3, Psalm 36:7-9. You will drink from the river of the pleasure of God when you praise Him. You will drink from the fountain of life when you praise Him.

Praise is beautiful, When you praise Him and give Him something beautiful, Isaiah 61:3, He will give you beauty for ashes. Science has not discovered any measure of changing ashes to wood that is consumed by fire. God said praise me, and I will reverse the reversible. He said I will give you beautify for ashes. If you really know how to praise Him, He can make sure that you never have sorrow. Psalm 90:17, If you praise Him, He will establish the works of your hands. To establish means He will make sure that your work or project will never fail.


In Conclusion

Praise is beautiful, psalm 149:4, praise Him ans and in return, He will beautify you with Salvation. Salvation is beautiful. He beautifies the meek with Salvation. 

If you want a garment of praise and you want Him to beautify you with Salvation, why not do so now? Surrender your life to Him so that everything that is ugly in your life will automatically become beautiful. Why not surrender your life to Him today. God bless you.

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