Riding Above Storms

Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Text: Mark 4:35  – 

Topic: Riding Above Storms,Part 1

  1. .Bless the King of Kings for He is the controller of storms 
  2. . Every wind of trouble, every contrary wind blowing against my destiny, I command you to stop in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every storm commissioned to swallow me this year,hear the word of God; I will ride over you 
  4. My father, my father, empower me to ride above storms.
  • I will ride over storm
  • I decree in your life, business, ministry, there will be a great calm 
  • Every storm of your life shall respond to the word of God
  • I decree every wind raging in your life, Peace be still
  • In the name of Jesus you will overcome every wind of troubles
  • I decree, in the name of Jesus, every marital storm, seize!
  • The Lord will settle those looking for a life partner and children. 
  • Every academic storm in your life shall seize today
  • I decree, failure will come to an end

Storms are bound to come in the life of a man,storms are  inevitable, the good news is you will ride over every storm that will come your way in this year 2021. 

Job 1: 12 – 22; Job feared the Lord, he eschewed evil yet he  encountered storms, but thank God he was delivered of the storms

Storms are contrary winds blowing against one in the journey of life, storms are wind of unpleasant situations and circumstances,  storms are problems or troubles

Matthew 14:21

Different Categories of Storms

  1. Marital storms: delay in getting marriage, delay in bringing forth children, conflict and pandemonium in the house ( absence of peace)
  2. Academic storms: Poor academic performances.
  3. Spiritual storms: Life of bondage  Mark 5: 1 – 20
  4. Physical storms: ill health 
  5. Emotional storms: fear( phobia), Mark 4:41

Run to Jesus, whenever you are in contact with storms. 

Psalm 23: 5

To riding above storms, allow Jesus in your boat.


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