Service Unusual

YAYA SUNDAY (28th March, 2021)
Topic: Faithful and Fruitful
Speaker: Sister Tobi.
Text: Psalms 1:1-8

One of the keys to Fruitfulness is faithfulness.
Psalms 1, John 1:1. Without faithfulness the man may not be fruitful. What God wants in your life is his word in your soul to make you fruitful. The parable of the sower tells us the word of God is the foundation to fruitfulness.
David did meditate on the word of God(Psalms 1).Man is a thinking being and above all your thinking you have to meditate on the word of God.
• Meditate gives you insight and forsight.
• Meditation brings fragrance. It helps you to make right decision. Doing and observing the word of God makes one faithful and fruitful.
• Meditation also motivates one to pray.
• Meditation makes the word of God take root in your life.
• Faithfulness to God is what yields fruitfulness.
• The barreness we face may be traced to unfaithfulness to God’s word.
Desire to meditate on the word of God day and Night that you may be fruitful. Joshua 1:8

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