That I May Know Him

Sunday Service: 11th of Oct.2020(2nd service)

Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Text: Philippians 3: 10

Topic: That I May know Him More

The earnest desire of Apostle Paul was to know God more.

A man becomes like God when he desires to know Him more.

2nd Timothy

Five things about knowing a man

  1. By hearing or reading about the person
  2. By introduction
  3. By having a personal contact with the person
  4. By having a personal relationship with him
  5. By having a personal deep relationship with God

Paul wasn’t satisfied with no 1 – 4 above nut want to have a personal relationship with God.

The knowledge in Philippians 3: 10 is one or one knowledge of God, Genesis 4: 1.

The spirit of God will flow in you, when you have a fellowship with God.

Psalm 27: 4; David was always winning because He had a a relationship with God.

What is the power of resurrection?

Romans 8: 11; the power of resurrection is the power of the Holy Ghost.

The spirit of God is the power of God.

What is the fellowship of His suffering?

The fellowship of His suffering is to suffer for the gospel; to be able to serve others. Acts 9: 16 – 18

Romans 8:17, those that suffer with Him will also be glorified with Him in Heaven

Being conformable to His death is to be able to fulfill the purpose of His death

To live morally renewed and regenerated to the life of Christ.

Pray this: Father, let the purpose of your death be fulfilled in my life

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