The Blessed of the Lord (Part 3)


Pastor Dele Balogun


The Blessed of the Lord (part 3)


Genesis 24: 34 – 35

Abraham was an example of the blessed of the Lord, he was rich in gold, silver, servants and cattle.

Using Abraham as a case study, it is not a disputable fact that the blessed of the Lord will not have challenges, Abraham sure did!


  1. Abraham wasn’t a force to reckon with at the initial stage of his life, he also had marital challenges, lived without a meaningful direction.
  2. Another challenge encountered by Abraham was the challenge of devourer, (snatcher of fortune). Genesis 12: 15 – 20


  1. For you to be blessed of the Lord, the Lord will send heavenly hosts to assist you. Abraham was blessed because he cooperated with the hosts of heaven.
  2. Abraham became the blessed of the Lord because God terminated fruitless efforts in his life; He brought barrenness to an end. Genesis 18: 12 – 18, Genesis 2: 1 – 7.
  3. Abraham became blessed of the Lord because the Lord promised him that he would become great. Genesis 18: 18
  4. Abraham became blessed, because the Lord broke the curse in his life; the Lord released generational blessings upon him, resulting to the family of the world being blessed through him. Genesis 17:5, Genesis 22: 16 – 18, Galatians 3: 13 – 14.

Key Points:

  • Dream Greatness
  • Act Greatness
  • Believe Greatness
  • Think Greatness


  • Your 2nd half of this year shall be better than the 1st
  • All fruitless efforts are terminated in your life in the name of Jesus.
  • Every irreversible case in your life has been reversed
  • You are launched into the realm of generational blessings.
  • The hosts of heaven are at your beck and call.

Stay blessed

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