The Book of Revelation

Tuesday Digging Deep

Date: 25th June,2021

Ministering: Pst. Femi Fekoya

Topic: The Book of Revelation


In the last part of this series, we learnt among other things about the final harvesting of this world.  We saw how the wheat is separated from the rates before the final horrors begin. Today,we shall go into a detailed study of Rev.15 and see what happens as the scene shifts to heaven once again. May the Lord bless us richly as we study in Jesus name . Amen


After the wheat was harvested and tares left, the final horrors were about to begin; but before then, both the matyrs of the tribulations and the saints that had gone before them sang two anthems in heaven. The first is the song composed by Moses after the children of Israel came out from the red sea and the second is the song of the Lamb.

Rev.15: 1 -4, Gen. 7: 12 -16, Gen.19: 15- 22, Rev. 4: 6, Heb.12: 29, Matt. 16:25, Exodus 15: 1 – 19, Psalms 92: 5, Psalms 112: 2,Psalm 98:1, Psalms 139: 14, Psalms 145: 17, Psalms 86: 9, 1 Samuel 2:2, Psalms 9:9, Psalms 111:9, Phil 2: 10 -11, Psalm 98:2


As the anthems end, the tabernacle of testimony was revealed in heaven and the glory of God filled the tabernacle. The glory of God is such that no man van approach into it, yet we shall share in that glory one day.

Rev.15: 5- 8, Numbers 17:7, Num. 9:15, Isaiah 6: 1 -5, Exodus 40: 34 – 35, Ist Kings 8: 10 – 11, 1st John 3: 2 – 3.

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