BIBLE STUDY…06/04/2021

Ministering: Pastor Femi Fekoya

Text: Revelation 10

Topic: The Book of Revelation

Introduction: In the last part of this series, we examined in detail Revelation 19 and discovered that despite the tortures of the stranger locust of the bottomless pit, the people of the world refused to repent.

THE JOY AND SORROW OF A PROPHET: Before the 7th angel sounded the trumpet, there was again and interlude and a scene were acted in the spiritual realm. A mighty ‘angel’ believed to be Christ himself  came and took possession of the earth, declaring that the time of the final show had come. John found himself in a situation where he saw joy at the end of a long tunnel of great tribulation. He was happy but sad like the lot of many prophets would normally be.

Revelation 10: 1- 4

Psalm 104:3

Revelation 10: 5-7

Matthew 17: 2

THE ANTI CHRIST: The ideal of a force of evil opposed to the god of all goodness is not the personification of evil. Even in the days of Paul, the spirit of the antichrist had been at work; but soon the master piece of Satan will put on the flesh and hold away on the earth for horrible years.

Isaiah 27: 1

Isaiah 51: 9

Psalm 89: 10

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