The Ever sure God(part 3)

Destiny Encounter…. Day 3


Ministering: Pastor Oukowajo

Theme: The Ever Sure God

Text: Numbers 23: 19


  1. Worship the Ever sure God for His greatness and wonders in your life.
  2. Oh Lord, my father this morning, prove yourself as the ever sure God in my life, in my family and in my destiny.

Ever sure is being referred to God and His attributes. Sure sometimes may not be certain nor sustained, ever sure means it’s always certain.

God is an ever sure being because He dwells in the realm of truth.

The Implications of God’s surety

  1. The strength and the might of God are ever sure. 2nd Chronicles 20:6
  • Every kingdom that says you will not be above your colleagues shall crumble in the name of Jesus.
  1. The ability and capability of God are ever sure. Matthew 3: 9
  • I decree, before the end of this year, your status will change, there will be a miraculous payment of debt for those in debt and your expectations from the beginning of this year will be accomplished in the name of Jesus.
  1. The possibilities and potentialities of God are ever sure. Luke 1:39, 2nd Kings 4.
  • I decree, in 24 hours, your level will change, the possibilities of God will manifest in your life.
  1. The influence(heaviness, weightiness) of God are ever sure.2nd Chronicles 20:22

When God is a matter, a man enjoys favour, God pushes man aside and take charge. When you are in God’s favour, the available that you have will be used to achieve the impossible. When you are favoured of God, errors of a man is minimized and the efforts of man are maximized.

  • The oil of favour is coming upon me; the Lord whom influenced the battle of Jehoshaphat will influence my case in the name of Jesus.
  1. The existence God is ever sure. 2nd Kings 18.

God cannot die nor be silenced; He cannot fail over any matter.

  • The ground will swallow anyone that says you will not share your testimony nor rise above your equals in the name of Jesus.




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