God placed a decree of increase and multiplication on the earth. There is a mandate for increase, a mandate for multiplication on the earth


  2. God is honored by the multitude of people in proverbs 14: 28, he said in the multitude of people is the kings honor.
  3. God desires to fill the face of the earth with his people Isaiah 27:6
  4. God desires to establish his house as cities and without walls by reason of multitudes Zach 2:4
  5. The plan and agenda of God is to multiply his people with men like a flock according to Ezekiel 36:37
  6. God desires to multiply his people so that they are not few Jeremiah 30:19, beer parlors, night clubs, antichrist religion and their places of worship must not have more people than the house
  7. According to revelation 5;11, we can see steady growth of multitudes in the ministry of Jesus in Matthew 5;1 Jesus moved from multitude to a great multitude in Matthew 8:1 and to a very great multitude according to Matthew 21;8. in Luke 12:1, he moved to an innumerable multitude


  2. Alignment with Gods purpose and programmed and multitude: this is where a person comes to god and say “i agree with you that your vision for growth will come to pass with me; Amos 3:3


  1. Possession of vision for growth and multitude: vision determines possession, according to gen 13:14-15. What man can’t see, god cannot give.


  1. Prayer and intercession for growth and multitude establishment church growth is a spiritual warfare. Prayer and intercession play a very vital role in church growth Ezekiel 36:37 we dressed but inside they have issues are praying to break the resistance of the gates of hell Matthew 12:29


  1. The possession of evangelistic passion: passion and compassion to see a multitude saved. Anyone who does not have an evangelistic heart cannot pastor a growing or large church. You must have a heart that wants to see souls saved, and see them saved enmasse in Matthew 9:36-38, Jesus had the same attitude. Passion for people is a magnet of people


  1. it is the manifestation of the supernatural for the meeting of practical needs: people wants signs, wonders, miracles and healings. People may look gorgeously dressed but inside they have issues they are battling with, they are tired of religion they want reality; they are tired of a profession that lacks power. They are looking for a touch of god Matthew 12:15, 14:14, 15:30,19:1-2, Luke 5:15


  1. The announcement of the acts of God: as the supernatural happens, let it not happen quietly, Isa. 27:13, 25:26.let it be noised’ psalm 105:1-2, everybody is looking for a ‘come and see’ evidence. Multitudes will come to where there is news of god’s moves.


  1. Solid word feeding of the flock: the quality of feeding you give the people determines their flourishing and multiplication, Jeremiah 3;15-16, everywhere the word of god is solid multiplication is inevitable in Luke 5:1 ,1 kings 4:24. We must come to the point where people are panting after what they are teaching


  1. Solid welfare and care of the flock: Jesus was not feeding the five thousand to show power in Matthew 15:32 he displayed a heart for the people who had been with him for 3 days. When the church growth and expansion happened, in acts 6:1-17, they choose people to care for widows and expansion happened in acts 6:1-17


  1. Aggressive discipleship of the flock is important for growth and increase: the people that come should be made to take root Isaiah 27:6 we are not just to bear fruit but to ensure the fruit but to ensure the fruit remains john 15:16


  1. The deployment of the membership and workforce into the work of the ministry Deut 32:30, Eccl 4:9, Eph 4:11


How do we deploy people?

  1. They are deployed to pray for the expansion of the church and salvation of souls and not only for personal needs Matthew 6:23
  2. They are deployed into rugged aggressive evangelism with tracts and testimony published
  3. In servicing and establishing new comers. every old member should see newcomers as their responsibility


  1. The flow of excited praise and worship: Jeremiah 30:19. Appreciation is the fertilizer for multiplication. Joel 1:11-12. The dry land is the portion of the joyless, and of the praise -less


  1. Establishment of the presence of god in the house: the cloud attracts the crowd, according to exodus 13; 21-25; mark 2;1-2. If don’t have the cloud, don’t expect the crowd


what will bring the cloud

  1. Holiness
  2. Uprightness
  3. Financial intergrity
  4. Not touching what doesnt belong to you
  5. Moral intergrity




God is passionate about filling up of his house Luke 14; 23. God doesn’t want anybody pastoring an empty house in his name. God is not a waster; he desires that his house may be filled

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