The Sure Foundation

2nd service (17 – 01 -2021)

Ministering: Deacon Peter Egbezomo

Text: Isaiah 28:16

Topic: The Sure Foundation

Year 2021 has come to stay, it cannot be reversed. We have resolutions every year, some of our resolutions are not met and that can be as a result of wrong foundations. The word of God is a two edged sword. 1st Cor.11:3, says that the only foundation is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation that brethren like you & I are supposed to stand on. The sure foundation is the chief stone; He has made us lively stones and as a spiritual house. 1st Peter 5: 2 – 6

The sure foundation can never fail Luke 6:48-49.

I prophecy that you shall overcome every storm of life beating hard on you, Amen

How do you build on the sure foundation?

  1. Through Holy Living beginning from salvation experience.
  2. Through the word of God, how much of God word do you listen to or read daily? Jesus was able to resist the devil because of His knowledge of the word. Roman 10:17. Let the word of God produce faith in you. Let the Bible be your friend, the amount of God’s word in you determines the anointing in you.
  3. Ask – Ask, seek and knock and in no distance time all your need will be given to you. Prov.3:5. Believe and trust in the Lord. Jer.32:17&27.
  4. Be diligent, Prov.13:4, Thess.13:10-12.
  5. Be obedient-Phil.2:8.Jesus Christ was obedient even to the cross .Exodus 14(Moses). The sure foundation can never fail.
  6. Give thanks always. 1st Thes.5:18. Build on the same foundation and let it be sure


Father help me to build my marital, academic and career foundation; help me to build every of my broken foundation.

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