There is Lifting


Pastor Gbenga Babalola


There is Lifting


Job 22: 23 – 30


One of the bitter truths which everybody must understand is that there’s a time of trouble in the life of a man; God never promised us that we will not have issues in life, but you must not fail in those times.

Depending or relying on God during the storms of life makes you a man.

Psalms 38: 6


There’s always a time when one goes through trouble, the Bible referred to such times as a time of distress. Such instances are:

  1. When one has a feeling of danger or senses danger ahead of oneself. Genesis 32: 6 – 7
  2. When one has the feeling of guilt. Genesis 42: 21 – 22
  3. When God is no more with someone. 1st Samuel 28: 15
  4. When God is against someone. Judges 2: 13


What is lifting?

Lifting is when God transforms the life of a man from negative situation.


When can one experience lifting?

  1. When one is being healed by God. 2nd Kings 5: 1
  2. When God decides to promote someone. Psalms 75: 6 – 7, Daniel 3: 30
  3. When God brings restoration to someone. Daniel 4: 36.


What can one do to receive lifting?

  1. To return to the Almighty God. Job 22: 23
  2. Delight in the Lord. Job 22: 26
  3. Seek after Him. Job 22: 27

Lord, I thank you for the privilege of coming to your presence to hear your word, thank you for speaking to us. I declare that we are lifted in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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