Turning Covid -19 challenges to Financial Prosperity

Sunday Service (18th October, 2020)

Ministering: Pastor Ademola (Asst.Pastor of Province 7)

Text: Genesis 1: 28

Theme: Turning Covid-19 challenges to Financial Prosperity


Covid -19 was a worldly crisis; the world was as a child with convulsions during the pandemic times.

Covid -19 came with lots of challenges, a few of the challenges can be streamlined into:

  1. Economic challenges:

Loss of jobs

Closure of businesses or industries

Price of oil crash


  1. Socio- cultural challenges:

Absence of parties like birthdays, house warming, funeral ceremonies etc.


  1. Health challenges: killings from the virus and psychological effect on people as a result of the pandemic etc.



Luke 14: 28

You can turn the covid -19 challenges into financial prosperity by applying the SWOT analysis.

Identifying core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lead to fact based analysis, fresh perspectives and new ideas.

STRENGTH: This describes what you are good at, what makes you special, what people see in you. To achieving this area of analysis, sit and identify the strength in you.


WEAKNESSES: This stop or hinders and individual from performing at its optimum level. What are your financial weaknesses? Some weaknesses are having too many dependent relatives or being a splendid.


OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities refers to favourable external factors that could give an individual a competitive advantage. You can get involved in online businesses, reduce expenses by doing some certain things on your own, sell off your junks, get hooked up with intermediary transportation etc.


THREATS: These are factors that have potential to harm you; to avoid this, strive to maintain a budget or financial discipline, eat good food to stay healthy and maintain a hygienic environment.


Facts: It’s not everything that is necessary, you have a choice to increase your source of income or reduce your financial expenses; challenges are wrappers for opportunities.


Conclusion: everyone needs to sit down and make plans on how to succeed and be sustainable in this post Covid -19 era.


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