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PROVERB 14:28.



INTRODUCTION:  The king of a village cannot be compared with the king of a town, the king of a town cannot be compared with the king of a city. They are different in glory and level of people they are rule over.

It is important to know that our God is the I AM THAT I AM.

God will be unto you what you say He is, your life is a reflection of your attitude towards God 2Samuel:22:22-26.

God will reward you according to the way you have served Him, according to the way you have responded to Him.

A king is someone who has rule over your life Judges 8:23. Anyone that God cannot rule over He destroy them.

Glory is everything that makes you who you are, and God is the giver of everything. Everything you have is given to you by God.


  • Be available and obedient: In God’s service our availability is the first service. No matter how rich or talented you are, if you are not available you are not useful. Being available and obedient to God is a way of worship. To worship means to please someone, God is pleased when we are available and obedient to Him.
  • Bring more people to worship God: you must honour God by increasing the number of people available to worship God. Bringing more people to worship God brings honour to Him.

One of the secrets of miracle, signs and wonders is crowd 1Samuel 2:30. There is no way God will see multitude and not be moved. If you honour God by coming to His presence and bringing people with you God will honour you in all life endeavor Psalm 2:11-12.

  • CONCLUSION: To worship means to please someone, God is pleased when we are available and obedient to Him.

To worship the King is to please is to please the king by been available, obedient and evangelizing Luke 10:40-42. Worship comes before work/service.





LEVITICUS 25:10-14.




Whenever we are talking about jubilee,  it is always eroded with shout of joy.


  1. Change: Jubilee always come with change Lev.25:10-14. One of the most important factor of life is change. Change from bondage to freedom, from loss to restoration. When change comes, it move you into a new level, Luke 5:10.
  2. Restoration: when jubilee comes, it comes with restoration. Restoration means recovering everything you have lost Joel 2:25.
  3. Liberty: when jubilee comes it sets the captive free, those in bondage will be free when jubilee comes.
  4. New beginning: new beginning means starting afresh. Era of new beginning has come with new breakthrough, miracles, blessing, promotion, t.c. new beginning makes you forget the old story, the old life.
  5. Peace: when jubilee comes there will be all round peace.
  6. Forgiveness: when jubilee comes there will be forgiveness.
  7. Jubilee comes with joy and victory.


  1. Appreciate the God of jubilee: for the blessings of jubilee to be permanent in your life learn to appreciate God from time to time.
  2. Proclamation: Job 22:28, keep proclaiming jubilee with your mouth. To enforce the blessings of jubilee. Confess good things into your life. Whatever you say will surely come to pass.
  3. Total obedient to God: if you are disobedient, you cannot enjoy the blessings of jubilee. Whatever God ask you to do, do it in total obedient.
  4. Have faith in God: if you want enjoy the blessings of jubilee let your expectation be on God, look unto God. Faith simply means believing that God will do that which He promises to do.
  5. Be part of the move: don’t sit on the fence. You must be involved don’t say you are not concerned.


surrender your life to Jesus Christ and you will enjoy the blessings of jubilee.


  • My father, my father all the blessings of jubilee that you have released let it be permanent in my life in Jesus name.
  • I decree in the name of Jesus as from now on I will experience positive change all the days of my life in Jesus name.
  • In the name of Jesus I decree restoration of all I have lost in Jesus mighty name.
  • Father, give me the grace to always trust and depend on you in Jesus name.
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INTRODUVTION: Being relevant begin from the day we are born and it outlive us. We must not just be relevant when we are alive but our relevancy should outlive us.

No matter your age, you can still be relevant and your relevant should outlive you.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant means to be closely connected to what is happening around you. As a believer, you  are not to be connected alone,  you must know God.

Meaning of generation: 

Generation means all the people existing the same time.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant is to be closely connected to what is been done at a particular period of time.

Why do we need to be relevant?

  • We need to be in order to glorify the name of the Lord Mathew 5:16.
  • It makes men sought after us; when you are relevant it makes men to seek for you Daniel 10:25.
  • It makes you stand out; being outstanding is a general thing but to stand out is different. It means to be singled out among the outstanding.
  • You become a blessing and a covering to others; Isaac enquired of the Lord in the land of Gerar and the Lord asked him to stay in the land, Isaac obeyed and he was relevant in the land.
  • How do I become relevant?
  • Know God: Daniel 11:32b, some of us compromise and choose to be ordinary because we do not know the God we serve. Knowing God is big, you first know God by giving your life to Christ. There is a big different between going to church, working for God and knowing God.
  • Study the scripture: 2Timothew 2:15. Daniel understood by the books. It is beyond waiting for somebody to read it, you need to know God for yourself and God must know you. There must be a relationship between you and God.
  • Being broken: Psalm 51:17, Psalm 34:18, acknowledging that you are nothing without God.
  • Avoid distractions: Mathew 24:12, not that people want to be cold but because there are many distraction. Do not be distracted.
  • Diligence: how much of God you know determines your relevance in a generation. Is not a matter of age, as parents can God say about you as God said of Abraham that you will teach your children after you in the way of the Lord?

It is not when you start, it is what you do; it is not number of years, it’s the quality life you live.

Conclusion:  what it takes to be relevant is the God factor inside of you. Being relevant is beyond your family background.

Prayer: Father fill me afresh, touch me once again in Jesus name Amen.

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ACTS 20:12-38





One of the primary purposes of God for man is to serve Him. God is always looking for people who will sold out to Him in be serving Him.

Request are different from request, there are some request you count as a privilege.

God is making request that you should serve Him, He is making request that you should worship and reverence Him.

Anywhere you find yourself God has positioned you there to serve Him Col.3: 17&23. Whatever you do, do it consciously as if you are rendering service unto the Lord.

If you have been attending church for years and you have not join the work force, you need to check yourself and ask yourself how I have been serving God. Galatians 5: 10 you are not to please men but God.


  1. Serve God with all humility of mind: Where you are today is not because you are relevant but by God’s grace. Acts 20:19, 1Cor. 15:9-10,2Cor. 3:5.
  2. Serve God with focus: have something in mind that you want to achieve. Ephesian 3:17 Apostle Paul was focused on teaching people to know Christ deeply. Colossians 2: 6-7 when you are serving God you are to focus.
  3. Serve God with passion: Be passionate with whatever you are doing wherever you are. When you are filled with passion, passion will drive you anywhere; the passion will help you to overcome discouragement. Acts 20:31, Gal. 4:19 when you are passionate about a certain goal, you will get result.
  4. Serve God without distraction: Acts 20:24, Heb. 12:1, 2Cor. 4:8-11, Phil. 3:13-14.

CONCLUSION: How are you serving the Lord? Remember, if men refuse to serve Him, He will raise stones. God can never be stranded.








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Minister: Pastor Gbenga  Babalola


TEXT: James 5:16-18, Jeremiah 33:1-3

Breakthrough means major advancement when you are able to overcome obstacles on your way. Breakthrough is a combination of two words; breaking and going through. You may be breaking and unable to go through. At every point in time there are obstacles that stand along the way, until you are able to overcome the barriers, you will not break through.


1. YOKE: Yoke is a barrier that will not allow you to go forward in life. Genesis 27:39-40, Genesis 32:24,26-28, Jeremiah 28:11.

The yoke will not be broken until you have to understand that it has to be broken and cry to God for help.

2. MIGHTY MEN: These are people like Goliath, Pharaoh standing on your way to greatness. Job 34:24, Isaiah 6:1, Psalms 2:2-4,9.

3. WEAPONS PF THE ENEMY: These are the things that the enemy uses to fight against you. Enemies are enemies because they have what it takes to fight against you. Psalms 46:9, Jeremiah 51:21.

4. THE ALTAR OF THE ENEMY: Altar is where there is a meeting between human and the divinity. Judges 6:25-27. Take away every altar in your life and family that is contrary to that of God for you to experience breakthrough.



  • Father let any form of yoke upon my life and my family be broken by the blood of Jesus.
  • Father every yoke upon my life fire of God consume them in the name of Jesus.
  • Anyone that is calling himself mighty man Almighty God clear them off in Jesus name.
  • Everyone born of a woman who is unrepentantly standing on my way to greatness Holy ghost fire consume them in Jesus name.
  • Every weapon the enemy has been using against me fire of God consume them in Jesus name.
  • Every mirror the enemy has been using to monitor my destroy life Holy ghost fire destroy them in Jesus name.
  • Every altar that erected has been against my life and my destiny Almighty God scatter them in Jesus name.
  • Father every weapon that has been manufactured to stand against my life Holy ghost fire destroy in Jesus name.
  • Father whatever that has been blocking my way Holy ghost fire clear them off in Jesus name



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LEVITICUS 6:12-13, EXODUS 19:18, 24:17.

INTRODUCTION: Where ever you see God, you see fire there Exodus 24:17. Any child of God that does not carry fire he/she is playing with his/her life. The merciful God is also the God of fire.

Types of fire in the life of man

  • Quenched fire: This is when the fire is no longer there, that is no more fire. There was fire before, but now the fire is gone. At this stage you commit sin as you like without giving it a second thought 1Samuel 23:14, 27:1.
  • Dying fire: This is when the fire is going down, you are no more zealous about the things of God. At this stage you get used to God, the fire dissipates and God begin to remind you how you started 1Samuel2:27-36, 3:18. When God begin to remind you how you started, you are in soup.
  • Burning fire: This is when the fire is burning at this stage you are zealous for God acts 21:11-14. When the fire is burning you are ready to do anything for God 1Corinthians 12:15.
  • Fiery flaming fire: This is an advance stage of the burning fire. This kind of fire radiates ever where you go Daniel 3:22. This is the kind of fire God wants us to have Esther 6:13.


  • Father, send your fresh fire upon me in Jesus name.
  • Father let your fire fall upon our churches in Jesus name.
  • Father everything you have not planted in my life, family, business, and ministry let your fire destroy them in Jesus name.
  • Father, send your fresh fire upon our altar in Jesus name (Amen).


MINISTERING: Pastor Dele Balogun

TEXT: Mark 10: 51


In times like these, people’s needs differ.

These times have been tagged differently by people.

In difficult times like these, we need:

1.    MERCY

You need the mercy of God to embark on the journey of life.

Deuteronomy 4: 31

Ephesians 2: 4

2nd Corinthians 1:3

Matthew 9: 13romans 9: 16

Mark 10: 47


A man’s enemies are of his household

Matthew 10: 36

Samuel 19: 1

Mark 10: 36

1st Samuel 19: 1

1st Samuel 17: 34 – 36.


Our efforts alone cannot produce results without God’s support.       

The blessings of God is God nullifying evil traditions of family

The blessings of God mean an invitation of the assistance of supernatural forces.

Genesis 27: 27 – 29.


Faith is believing that God can do that which He has promised.

Faith is a risk that works.

Faith is absolute trust in God.

Luke 17: 5


1. My father, my father single me out of the crowd and have mercy on me.

2. My father let your mercy speak for me where others fail.

3. My father, show me uncommon mercy that no one has ever received.

4. Father, by mercy preserve me from the noisome pestilence and every form of virus.

5. Father, by mercy, all pregnant women will deliver safely.

6. Father, all women believing you for the fruit of the womb shall conceive.

7. I command every Pharaoh and Goliath contending with me to die in the name of Jesus.

8. I nullify every order of sudden death the enemy has placed over my life, spouse and children in the name of Jesus.

9. I will not be a victim of kidnap, armed robbery, and accident in the name of Jesus.

10. I command every arrow that is being launched at me back to the sender.

11. I break every hidden curse operating in my life.

12. Father, I command forces of Heaven to assist me in the journey of life.

13. Father, increase me exceedingly.

14. Father, I command your blessings to locate me.

15. Father, increase my faith, help me not to fall by the wayside.



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3. Question: What are the required software?
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