MINISTERING: Pastor Dele Balogun

TEXT: Mark 10: 51


In times like these, people’s needs differ.

These times have been tagged differently by people.

In difficult times like these, we need:

1.    MERCY

You need the mercy of God to embark on the journey of life.

Deuteronomy 4: 31

Ephesians 2: 4

2nd Corinthians 1:3

Matthew 9: 13romans 9: 16

Mark 10: 47


A man’s enemies are of his household

Matthew 10: 36

Samuel 19: 1

Mark 10: 36

1st Samuel 19: 1

1st Samuel 17: 34 – 36.


Our efforts alone cannot produce results without God’s support.       

The blessings of God is God nullifying evil traditions of family

The blessings of God mean an invitation of the assistance of supernatural forces.

Genesis 27: 27 – 29.


Faith is believing that God can do that which He has promised.

Faith is a risk that works.

Faith is absolute trust in God.

Luke 17: 5


1. My father, my father single me out of the crowd and have mercy on me.

2. My father let your mercy speak for me where others fail.

3. My father, show me uncommon mercy that no one has ever received.

4. Father, by mercy preserve me from the noisome pestilence and every form of virus.

5. Father, by mercy, all pregnant women will deliver safely.

6. Father, all women believing you for the fruit of the womb shall conceive.

7. I command every Pharaoh and Goliath contending with me to die in the name of Jesus.

8. I nullify every order of sudden death the enemy has placed over my life, spouse and children in the name of Jesus.

9. I will not be a victim of kidnap, armed robbery, and accident in the name of Jesus.

10. I command every arrow that is being launched at me back to the sender.

11. I break every hidden curse operating in my life.

12. Father, I command forces of Heaven to assist me in the journey of life.

13. Father, increase me exceedingly.

14. Father, I command your blessings to locate me.

15. Father, increase my faith, help me not to fall by the wayside.



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Each training will have sessions for questions based on practicals given. Ensure to attempt the practicals and do not relent in getting it right.

Don’t panic. Everyone is assumed to be a novice. Therefore we will be starting from the lowest basics. However, ensure not to miss any basic stage, especially when new to your selected specialisation.


Question: I do not have the required gadget?
Answer: Ensure to borrow, rent, or discuss with your pastor. It’s a 3days certified opportunity at a low cost. Don’t take chances.

2. Question: I am a slow learner?
Answer: Ensure to always come on time and leave or close late. Spend extra time seeking help to have a clearer understanding of what you’ve missed or do not understand. Make friends with the fastest learner in class. Invite the Holy Spirit.

3. Question: What are the required software?
Answer: Each facilitator will introduce the required software, and you will be taught how to install it.

4. Question: Will there be a handout or training manual?
Answer: Yes, all training handouts will be on softcopy and sent to your previous subgroup on WhatsApp. If you are not on WhatsApp or do not have an internet facility, kindly copy the file to your PC or Mobile Gadget.

5. Question: How do I join my group on WhatsApp?
Answer: Your registered number will be added to each group based on your indicated area of specialisation. If you are yet to be allocated to a group, kindly send the following details to 08126136467 via WhatsApp:

Full Names:
Province (if external, indicate your denomination):
Method of payment: group payment or single payment (If group, insert contact person to clear your payment)
A scanned, snap-shot or screenshot copy of payment evidence:

Feel free to reach 08126136467 if you have any inquiries.