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Psalms 67:3-7
If you are not at the table,  you will be the menu. The easiest way to qualify for the table is through Prayer. Every Prayer of the Saint is stored for days of manifestation.
We will be entering a Thanksgiving of you have done it before, you will do it again. God has a track record of keeping his word (Exodus 15:1-12)

Without exaggeration there are powers that are ready to kill you.
There are gates on your body(Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Skin) & there are angels responsible for manning those gates. Enemies can be custodian of ancient convenant.

Prayer Set 1:
Prayer of Deliverance
1. Power that disturb you in your sleep die In Jesus Name
2. Every power that want to take over my day and mess up my night Holy Ghost fire consume them.
3. Every enemy of my destiny I decree a paralyzing terror upon my adversaries. In Jesus Name Exodus 15:16
4. Father in the name of Jesus , put fear and terror round about my enemies. May they not be able to pursue me again Genesis 35:5
5. Repeat Prayer 4 prophetically to 5 people
6. Whatever that has been buried in my body, that is troubling me, out in the name of  Jesus.
7. I break every padlock holding me back in my destiny. I Break In Jesus Name
8. Every power laying siege against my life, let them hear the noise  of war in their camp. 2 Kings 7:6-7. I cause my enemies to hear the noise of war(clapping hands and tapping feet simultaneously).
9. Father scattered every conspiracy against my life Acts 23:13
10. Father please expose the content of every conspiracy against my life.
11. Father make me to escape the trap of the enemies.
12. Prophetic prayer: in this season of power must Change hands  God shall introduce  mistake into the plans if my enemies. They shall fail  they shall not succeed. In Jesus Name
13. Father IJN break the support system of every thing afflicting me and set me free 5-26,29
14. Turn agents of darkness  around me to light Bearers. In Jesus Name
15. Let everyone that wants to keep me in prison, I Convert them to my loyal disciples In Jesus Name
16. Act 16:31-32 Every servant of pain that has tormented me in the past, I Convert them to agent of lights to service my glory. In Jesus Name

Prayer Set 2:
Dealing with the Forces of Retrogression (Area of Character and Spirituality)
• Matthew 12:43-45 Every power exploiting the carelessness of you, is hereby broken in Jesus name. The battle of life is sensitive to attitude. The power of retrogression feeds on your attitude, character, weakness to drag a man back. I scatter the gang up of confusion in the mighty name of Jesus.
• Don’t allow the Devil thank God for your lives.
1. Father please fill me with your light, that darkness will have no place to hide in my life.
2. Father make me too hot for the enemy



Pastor E. A. Adeboye


Genesis 17:1

☆ The very first time God introduced Himself to man, He introduced Himself as Jehovah El-Shaddai.
• Bible scholars say it means God, Your mother’s breast, which means that He can supply what we all need with extra.

▪︎ If you need a child, God is able to provide you with children no matter how old you are. Genesis 18: 9-14

▪︎ God is more than sufficient for the widow and widower.
+ 1 Kings 17: 8-16
+ 2 Kings 4: 1-7
+ Luke 7: 11-15

▪︎ The Almighty God is more than sufficient for the orphan.
There are different categories of orphans:
• Half orphan – one who has lost only one parent
• Full orphan – one who has lost both parents
• Special orphan – parents are living but have abandoned them. Psalm 27:10
• And there are orphans whose parents are living, love them, but don’t have the resources/ wherewithal to help.

☆ The Almighty God has promised to help everyone who is needy. Isaiah 41:17

▪︎ God is more than enough for the elderly.
• The greatest problem of the elderly is loneliness.
• Your friends may die, but God never will.
Isaiah 46: 3-4, Hebrews 13:5

☆ God told Abraham to walk before Him so God could watch over Abraham.
2 Chronicles 16:9, 1 Peter 5:8

• If you stay where God can see you, He will see you before the enemy sees you.If you choose to stay behind God, then you are on your own.

☆ The reason why you wouldn’t want to walk where God will see you is because you have something to hide.
• The Almighty God can see danger far ahead, and He knows how to prevent the danger from coming to you; provided you walk before Him.

Are you willing to walk before God?

Salvation Call
If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, cry to Jesus to have mercy on you, forgive your sins, and save your soul. Promise Him you’ll serve Him for the rest of your life.

Prayer Point
• Father, Jehovah ElShaddai, I will walk before You.
Please take care of all my needs.






Glenga Ilesanmi (Assistant Intercontinental Evangelist,  RCCG Continent 1)

Text: John 9:1-11, 18-25Father Do Today What you Have never done in My life

John 9:25
He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.

1. For someone Your testimony Will be whereas I was poor now I am rich.
2. For a Brother/ Sister Your testimony Will be, whereas I was Single now I am married.
3. For a Family your testimony will be, whereas I was a Tenant now I am a landlord

• Intervention means  is someone stepping into your case to settle your matter.
• Divine: something beyond what man can do
• Divine Intervention: God stepping into your case to bring solution.

God is always interested in stepping into our matter. He is never tired. Even in the garden of Eden( he did not want man to be destroyed)
There are different cases in our life that calls for Divine Intervention: health, Marital issue, spiritual, financial, emotional.  In some it can be all cases.

Declaration!!The All sufficient One will step into your case

In those days in Isreal, every sickness was attributed to sin. But in the case of the man born blind, God knew the origin of the proble.

Decree!! Every case that have defied human solution. God will intervene.

Lessons from the Story (John 9:1-11, 18-25)
1. He was born blind, no one knew the source of his problem. God knew the source. Goodnews! God knows the source of that problem.
2. Jesus’s disciples raised a question about this man case. It means your Time of remembrance has come.
3. Jesus proved his disciples wrong about the man’s case. Jesus can always prove the opinion of men wrong. God has the final say over your life. It is only God’s opinion that has the capacity to bring fulfilment.  God’s voice will be louder than that of  your enemies IJN.
4. Jesus profered solution to the man’s problem by introducing himself as the light of the world. Jesus went about doing good because he was anointed with power and the Holy Ghost.
5. Jesus gave direction to the source of the miracle. Jesus will direct you to the source of your miracle. To everyone in life there is a particular place where your miracle is located. The man did recieve his sight after washing at the pool of Siloam.

A change will definitely take place in your life today!! IJN

What happens when God intervenes your Case
1. You will become a subject of discussion in Heaven. Jesus’s disciples discussed about the man’s case. Jesus represented the council of heaven on earth. Today Your matter will be raised before God !!
2. You will receive a divine touch from heaven. A touch from Jesus is a divine touch.
3. You will receive divine direction to where your blessings lie. When you recieve divine direction your labour will be easy.
4. This same God will restore back to you everything you have lost.
5. Darkness of many years will give way to light. In every area of confusion, there shall be light. Because light represents Jesus himself.
6. A new chapter in your life will be opened and the old chapter will be  closed permanently IJN. (Tenant 2 Landlord, Borrower to a lender)

What must I do to for God to Intervene
1. You must learn how to praise God violently. He will fight for you, open your eyes and he will move.
2. Learn to pray some violent prayers. Stop murmuring and complaining.
3. You must give  God some violent offering. There is a gift than can move the hand of God.

• When God gives you a divine direction, don’t doubt him.
• Don’t give up!! Try again
• God will give you a new idea.

•Father Do Today What you Have never done in My life

Father thank you for sending your word this morning.
• Lift up your right hand!!
1. Father I invite You into my situation today, Intervene today.
2. Father IJN, Today Remember me. I must not leave this place,  the way I came.
3. Father every sorrow I brought before you today, turn them to Joy.
4. Father!! Remove my garment of shame, put on me a new garment.
• With your 2 Hands Raised!! Father, whatever names the enemies are calling me because of this challenge, Lord change my name.
• Place your right hand on your head!! Father let my star shine.

Prophetic Word for Someone
• That thing your have lost, is restored.
• That rope that has held you down from progress, you are released.
• There is someone here the enemy has buried your glory, but because you are here Your glory will begin to shine.
• That roadblock on your way to progress, I have removed it.




A|P John Airhuoryuwa


2Kings 7:1-2

The case in Samaria is like the case of Nigeria. It too
Decree: By this time tomorrow, the Lord will change your level tomorrow. In life there are levels, there is a higher level than the one you are.
Celebration is a remarkable event set to celebrate an achievement. Before a Celebration there must be a vibration of some certain foundations  Acts 16:26 (Paul & Silas)
Major celebrations are negotiated at night (Acts 16:25)

• My Father My Father!! (put your name ), I am changing level.
• My Father, My Father!! Celebration I enter

It will be  a taboo for this season to pass you by. Psalms 4:1, James 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
The destiny of men and woman are being determined at night. Most geographical locations are changed by night.
When you are hated by men, your heavens are opened. Genesis 29:31

• For you to be celebrated you need a word from God. 2 Kings 7:1, Luke 5:5 (Peter said at thy word)
• You must avoid doubters. 2 Kings 7:2
• Don’t go alone, go with God. Psalms 121:1
• You must not despise anybody 2 Kings 7:3 (the 4 lepers)
• You must seek the annointing Isaiah 10:27, 1 Samuel 16:12
• You must pursue after kingdom assignment and expansion. Mark 16:15

I decree within the next 24 celebration will knock at your door.
I decree any Wall of Jerico standing between You and your celebration, will crumble IJN
Prophetic Instruction: Shout 7 Powerful Hallelujah





Deacon Chidi Efam

Anchor Verse:

2 Corinthians 10:4

The warfare of in a man’s life is spiritual. From conception to death is a war. It is unfortunate that we fight our wars carnally, whereas our enemies are spiritual (Ephesians 6:11-18). We have to see life as spiritual a spiritual angle as the spiritual controls the physical (Genesis 1:2)

Weapon: a device used for fighting or defence eg. Guns  knife. Its a skill, scheme, idea or tool used to win a contest.

Warfare: simply means WAR



We are to put on the whole armour of God.

• Belt of TRUTH: there is a difference between facts (visible evidence) and the truth (knowledge and revelation of Christ). This defends us from the lies of the devil John 14:6

• Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS: righteousness is the covering for our heart(soul). Living in holiness. This ensures the core of our mind is secured.

• Gospel of PEACE:  be a witness. Carry the gospel 2 Timothy 4:2

• Shield of FAITH: the purpose of this is to ward-off the fiery darts (Fear, anxiety, worry) of the enemy. Hebrews 11

• Helmet of SALVATION: if you are not saved, you are going on a war without protecting your head. Philippians 2:12 (we have a role in working out our salvation)

• Sword of the SPIRIT: this weapon helps you to rightly apply of the word for every attack. How much of the word have stored Hebrews 4:12, John 1:12, John 6:63b


All weapons outlined are defensive except the sword of the spirit


• PRAYER: The word can be wielded through prayer. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

• WORSHIP: 2 Chronicles 20:18, Joshua 5:13-15

• THANKSGIVING 1Thessalonians 5:18

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JOHN 14:1-3

House is a permanent resident, something solid, something that is a land mark, an address. A house could be a family Genesis 7:1.
On deeper scale a house can mean your root, your village Genesis 24:34. A house can mean a compound that is collection of houses that is members of the same family building their houses together.
When Jesus said there are many mansions it means collection of houses Romans 8:29.

A mansion is a house with many rooms. If God opens your eyes to the mansion you have in heaven things that will take you out of the way will no longer exist 16:26. The mud used in building the mansions is pure gold Revelation 21:21.

There is something great waiting for you in Heaven.
If there are many mansions, why does Jesus want to go and prepare?
 Many does not mean enough.
 Reserving a place is talking about how close and how important.
 There are levels of intimacy: how close will you be with Jesus Christ when you leave this earth? Because how close you will be is determined by your level of intimacy with Him.

As a landlord is Jesus living in your house? How comfortable is Jesus in your house?
How close you are to Jesus will determine how close you will be with Him when you get to Heaven Revelation 22:10-12.

There is idea of reservation when things are many but not enough. Is relationship with Christ on earth a guarantee that there is a reservation of mansion for you in Heaven?

If you close your eyes on earth and Jesus is not standing by your side to lead you back home, there is a big issue. Stephen saw Jesus standing while he was about to die, Jesus was standing to take Stephen home.
CONCLUSION: Make your way right God now.

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God thought has an expected end for everyone but until you pray it will remain a thought. Between a beginning and an ending is a fight. Nothing ends well without a fight. Receive the grace and anointing to fight and keep the faith.

If you must win, you must endure hardness 2Timothy 4:7.

Unfortunately because people don’t know their God, they follow the language of men. It takes power to refuse nonsense. The authority to change things is with God. Receive the grace to fight the good fight. But our fight is not canal Ephesians 6:12. There is a way you pray, you become principal of principalities. Anyone that wants to prevail must fight Genesis 30:8 (because Jacob wrestled and prevailed his name was changed to Israel).

If your mind is made up something will change, when you jump out of the ring you have loss the fight 2Corinthians 10: 4.

If you want to end 2022 strong and enter 2023 gloriously you must enter with a fight.

One of the functions of a stronghold is to challenge you into a fight, that is a fight in prayer. The book of exodus 15:3, 14:14 tells us that God is a fighter and He will fight for you only if you engage Him in prayers.


  • I will make it to the end, no power will stop me in Jesus Mighty name.
  • I receive grace to fight the good fight in Jesus name.
  • I drink the blood of Jesus and neutralize every poison in my body in Jesus name.
  • Psalms 102:20 powers thirsty for my blood and that of my family members be intoxicated t death and destruction in Jesus.

Spirit of Babel visit the camp of every demonic assembly and destroy their plans, scatter them with the spirit of confusion.

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PROVERB 14:28.



INTRODUCTION:  The king of a village cannot be compared with the king of a town, the king of a town cannot be compared with the king of a city. They are different in glory and level of people they are rule over.

It is important to know that our God is the I AM THAT I AM.

God will be unto you what you say He is, your life is a reflection of your attitude towards God 2Samuel:22:22-26.

God will reward you according to the way you have served Him, according to the way you have responded to Him.

A king is someone who has rule over your life Judges 8:23. Anyone that God cannot rule over He destroy them.

Glory is everything that makes you who you are, and God is the giver of everything. Everything you have is given to you by God.


  • Be available and obedient: In God’s service our availability is the first service. No matter how rich or talented you are, if you are not available you are not useful. Being available and obedient to God is a way of worship. To worship means to please someone, God is pleased when we are available and obedient to Him.
  • Bring more people to worship God: you must honour God by increasing the number of people available to worship God. Bringing more people to worship God brings honour to Him.

One of the secrets of miracle, signs and wonders is crowd 1Samuel 2:30. There is no way God will see multitude and not be moved. If you honour God by coming to His presence and bringing people with you God will honour you in all life endeavor Psalm 2:11-12.

  • CONCLUSION: To worship means to please someone, God is pleased when we are available and obedient to Him.

To worship the King is to please is to please the king by been available, obedient and evangelizing Luke 10:40-42. Worship comes before work/service.





LEVITICUS 25:10-14.




Whenever we are talking about jubilee,  it is always eroded with shout of joy.


  1. Change: Jubilee always come with change Lev.25:10-14. One of the most important factor of life is change. Change from bondage to freedom, from loss to restoration. When change comes, it move you into a new level, Luke 5:10.
  2. Restoration: when jubilee comes, it comes with restoration. Restoration means recovering everything you have lost Joel 2:25.
  3. Liberty: when jubilee comes it sets the captive free, those in bondage will be free when jubilee comes.
  4. New beginning: new beginning means starting afresh. Era of new beginning has come with new breakthrough, miracles, blessing, promotion, t.c. new beginning makes you forget the old story, the old life.
  5. Peace: when jubilee comes there will be all round peace.
  6. Forgiveness: when jubilee comes there will be forgiveness.
  7. Jubilee comes with joy and victory.


  1. Appreciate the God of jubilee: for the blessings of jubilee to be permanent in your life learn to appreciate God from time to time.
  2. Proclamation: Job 22:28, keep proclaiming jubilee with your mouth. To enforce the blessings of jubilee. Confess good things into your life. Whatever you say will surely come to pass.
  3. Total obedient to God: if you are disobedient, you cannot enjoy the blessings of jubilee. Whatever God ask you to do, do it in total obedient.
  4. Have faith in God: if you want enjoy the blessings of jubilee let your expectation be on God, look unto God. Faith simply means believing that God will do that which He promises to do.
  5. Be part of the move: don’t sit on the fence. You must be involved don’t say you are not concerned.


surrender your life to Jesus Christ and you will enjoy the blessings of jubilee.


  • My father, my father all the blessings of jubilee that you have released let it be permanent in my life in Jesus name.
  • I decree in the name of Jesus as from now on I will experience positive change all the days of my life in Jesus name.
  • In the name of Jesus I decree restoration of all I have lost in Jesus mighty name.
  • Father, give me the grace to always trust and depend on you in Jesus name.
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INTRODUVTION: Being relevant begin from the day we are born and it outlive us. We must not just be relevant when we are alive but our relevancy should outlive us.

No matter your age, you can still be relevant and your relevant should outlive you.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant means to be closely connected to what is happening around you. As a believer, you  are not to be connected alone,  you must know God.

Meaning of generation: 

Generation means all the people existing the same time.

What does it mean to be relevant?

To be relevant is to be closely connected to what is been done at a particular period of time.

Why do we need to be relevant?

  • We need to be in order to glorify the name of the Lord Mathew 5:16.
  • It makes men sought after us; when you are relevant it makes men to seek for you Daniel 10:25.
  • It makes you stand out; being outstanding is a general thing but to stand out is different. It means to be singled out among the outstanding.
  • You become a blessing and a covering to others; Isaac enquired of the Lord in the land of Gerar and the Lord asked him to stay in the land, Isaac obeyed and he was relevant in the land.
  • How do I become relevant?
  • Know God: Daniel 11:32b, some of us compromise and choose to be ordinary because we do not know the God we serve. Knowing God is big, you first know God by giving your life to Christ. There is a big different between going to church, working for God and knowing God.
  • Study the scripture: 2Timothew 2:15. Daniel understood by the books. It is beyond waiting for somebody to read it, you need to know God for yourself and God must know you. There must be a relationship between you and God.
  • Being broken: Psalm 51:17, Psalm 34:18, acknowledging that you are nothing without God.
  • Avoid distractions: Mathew 24:12, not that people want to be cold but because there are many distraction. Do not be distracted.
  • Diligence: how much of God you know determines your relevance in a generation. Is not a matter of age, as parents can God say about you as God said of Abraham that you will teach your children after you in the way of the Lord?

It is not when you start, it is what you do; it is not number of years, it’s the quality life you live.

Conclusion:  what it takes to be relevant is the God factor inside of you. Being relevant is beyond your family background.

Prayer: Father fill me afresh, touch me once again in Jesus name Amen.