Ministering: Pastor Dele Balogun

Topic: War Against Implication

Text: 1st Samuel 21: 1-2

What is Implication?

Implication simply means to be falsely accused in a case you do not know anything about.

·       It also means to be directly involved in a case or matter you are innocent of.

·       It means enemies twisting your intention

·       Implication also means outright lies


I decree, all those fabricating lies against your destiny, today the  Holy Ghost fire will consume those.

Today, all your false accusers shall perish

Who are these Implicators?

1.   Implicators are false accusers

2.   Implicators are unfriendly friends

3.   They are opposers or antagonists

4.   They are enviers, jealous of you

Effects of Implications

1.   Emergency troubles

2.   Receiving punishment for a sin you did not commit

3.   Sudden death

Prayer Points:

1.   Every implicator hiding in the tunnel firing the bullets against my life, in the name of Jesus, die by fire.

2.   All my enemies fabricating lies to implicate me , in the name of Jesus, die by fire

3.   Every emergency trouble, affliction, I reject you now, in the name of Jesus back to sender

4.   Every demonic attack, conspiracy to implicate me, father arise and scatter them now

5.   My father, my father, in any area I am suffering for a sin that I did not commit , arise  oh Lord and vindicate me in the name of Jesus

6.   I decree, every plan of implicator shall fail over my life, children and ministry

7.   My father, my father while I am alive, rise and fight for me, I will not lose my family to implication; my children, husband and wife will not die as a result of implications

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