Ministering: Pastor Gbenga Babalola

Text: Matthew 24:

Topic: Watch


It’s good for us to keep reminding ourselves of the second coming of the Lord to enable us comfort ourselves due to the many things discouraging the hearts of men today.

Matthew 25:13

Jesus admonishes us to watch because we have no clue to the particular day or time He will come.

1st Corinthians 16: 13

Watch for there are many things sapping away our energy today; do not allow anything to discourage you.

Why do we have to watch?

  1. Watch to avoid being carried away; to be carried away is to leave ones original direction. Matthew 24: 37 – 39
  2. Watch to avoid being taken unaware. Matthew 24:43 -44. Jesus said that His coming will be compared to the coming of a thief. Revelation 16: 15
  3. Watch to avoid failing in your responsibilities. Matthew 24: 45 – 51
  4. Watch to avoid losing your faith. Matthew 25: 10 and 13

Matthew 25: 5

Matthew 25: 19

Everything around us tell us that the Lord will soon come

  1. Watch because the master will soon come.

Matthew 24: 48

Question for thought

Are you ready?

FACT: The church is not a vehicle to making heaven, but ones salvation, one’s personal relationship with God.


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