Ministering: pastor Gbenga Babalola
Topic: Wealth Transfer ( part 2)
Text: Psalms 2: 6 -8
To receiving God’s blessings:
1. You must be determined to do what you need to do in the place of prayers
2. You must be determined to obey God
Prayer points:
1. Father, anybody that is in possession of anything that belongs to me let your fire visit them.
2. Father, any Pharaoh that has swallowed what belongs to me vomit it now.
3. Father, all my wealth that is in possession of anybody, let the power of God release them
4. Father, all my possession in this country ,Nigeria; let it locate me
5. Father, wherever my name have been removed, father reposition me for wealth in the name of Jesus
6. Father from who I know or from who I don’t know, father let wealth be transferred to me
7. Father, all that are surrounding me that are enemies of my wealth let your fire drive them away.
8. I call forth all my wealth from all parts of the world

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