Who needs wealth transfer?


Ministering: pastor Gbenga Babalola

Text: 2nd Kings 4

Topic: Wealth Transfer (part 4)

Prayer points

  1. Father, every obstruction along the journey of my destiny, let your fire consume them
  2. Every garment of hatred upon my life, every garment of shame , making people to divert my wealth away ; father, let your fire consume them now
  3. Every generational curses that has been moving from one generation to another, father, I break them now by the power that is in the blood
  4. Father, every negative hand that is bringing shame upon my life or destiny, I cut it off in the name of Jesus
  5. Father, I cut off myself, my children , my spouse from every negative trend in my family
  6. Every spiritual battles you are facing will be over in the name of Jesus

Who needs Wealth Transfer?

  1. One who is owing, in just the same manner that God transfers wealth, so is the same way that the devil transfer poverty
  • I decree, that the Almighty God will transfer wealth to you to enable you pay up your debt
  1. If your resources are in the hands of somebody else

2nd Kings 8: 4 – 5

  • I decree that all your properties will be restored to you
  • I prophesy that every one that has something that belongs to you in his hands will not be able to sleep until he or she does the necessary with what belongs to you.

Esther 6: 1- 2,

  1. Somebody who is poor and has nothing. Some people are in debt while some people are not in debt but only lives on hands to mouth.
  2. Someone who is faced with some spiritual battles, spiritual battles sap away ones resources. 1st Chronicles 4: 9 – 10.



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